Get to know our electric home hospital bed

Here at Vital Mobility, we pride ourselves in building great relationships — not only with our loyal clientele, but also with our suppliers! That is why, our purchasing team has managed to put together a very attractive package for individuals in the lookout for a fully-electric home hospital bed.

For a limited time, our company is offering an ultra-light Drive medical home hospital bed with your choice of half or full railings and an upgraded long term care, multi-layer foam/gel mattress for the incredible price of $1199. This great package has all the features you need in order to keep yourself or a loved one safe and comfortable during recovery or for long term use. drive fully electric home hospital bed package

The home hospital bed comes equipped with an adjustable backrest and leg-rest to help find the perfect position for any individual. Plus, a second motor that operates the bed will lower and raise it as a whole to facilitate access by the patient and care-giving duties.

The bed’s sturdy spring construction also enables an impressive weight capacity of 450 lbs, which makes the bed ideal for use by individuals of different sizes and needs. However, a bed’s comfort isn’t determined by its frame but by the mattress that’s placed on it. Unlike a regular, foam therapeutic mattress– which is made up of a single foam density throughout– our upgraded mattress prevents pressure soars and shear with its multi-layer construction. For example, in the area where the patient places his or her lower legs, the mattress comes with shallow ridges that help place the legs at an ever-so-slightly lower angle that helps prevent swelling and friction for the individual. Also, the area where the head is positioned in the mattress is slightly softer than the back area for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

With a lifetime guarantee on welds, five years on the frame and one year on all other parts and components, the Drive ultra-light home hospital bed is a great choice for individuals looking for the perfect for value without compromising excellent quality, function and durability. If you require more information about the package or are interested in other beds from our impressive line, our team of dedicated specialists will be happy to help you.