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Cold Therapy Rentals Toronto & GTA

Cold therapy treatment can be crucial in recovery from surgery and injury. Our Aircast cold therapy units for rent in Toronto and the GTA substitute the need to use inconvenient ice packs delivering 4-6 hours of continuous cold and compression.

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Cold Therapy For Rent

Cold therapy is an extremely effective way of managing the pain, discomfort and inconvenience of many types of common injuries. Some of the most common types of injuries that are alleviated by cold therapy treatments are joint pain of the knees, elbows and shoulders. These treatments not only provide instant relief and comfort but also can alleviate the need for more serious treatments, while helping those with nagging and longing injuries of these commonly affected areas. Our cold therapy equipment rentals help provide the optimal balance of comfort and convenience for any patient looking to experience the benefits of this type of treatment.

All of our cold therapy equipment rentals are optimally designed to provide the highest-quality treatment, using controlled cold to eliminate the risk of discomfort or tissue damage while ensuring that treatment is never interrupted or disrupted. Patients who utilize our cold therapy rental equipment can rest assured that their recovery is well under way, without having to worry about changing their equipment, recharging, or running the risk of damage from excessive exposure to cold.

For many patients in need of cold therapy, rental of the equipment is often preferable to purchasing it. If you plan on using this equipment for the purposes of recovering from an acute injury or for a specifically determined period of recovery time following a surgery or hospital stay, renting our state-of-the-art cold therapy equipment may be the best and most sensible option for you. Vital Mobility is proud to have helped thousands of clients feel better, and we are your source for cold therapy equipment rentals in Toronto and the GTA.

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