5 Tips for Seniors to Stay Active in the Winter

During the winter season– and especially for elderly individuals and people who live with limited mobility– it is easy to lose the motivation that is so often needed to keep us moving. With snow and ice-covered roads, it is challenging to operate a manual wheelchair or take your rollator walker around the block. However, maintaining even a bit of physical activity is a crucial tool for living life to the fullest– and healthiest extent.

Some ideas for remaining active during the cold months are:

  1. Exercise Peddler

    Invest in an exercise peddler: Portable mini-cycles are foldable and can be stored under your bed or sofa. They are an excellent way for you to exercise your legs or arms in the comfort of your own home. Just place the peddler in front of the couch as you watch your favourite show or read a book, and pedal away! Your leg and abdominal muscles, as well as your cardio and blood circulation will thank you. For arm use, place peddler over a table.

  2. Use resistance bands: Resistance bands are an economical and safe way of adding some weight to upper body exercises at home. Whereas heavy hand weights can pose an injury risk for seniors, resistance bands are soft and flexible. The level of effort one must input is determined by each individual.
  3. Lift your groceries: This is a quick and easy alternative to hand weights and resistance bands. Instead of storing your groceries right away, try taking a little more time to lift and lower the items as you organize them in your pantry and fridge. The weight of those items- like canned beans or a 1L carton of milk, can give your arm muscles the challenge they need to stay strong.
  4. Get out to the mall: Transportation services like Toronto’s Wheel-Trans, can get you over to the mall when it isn’t safe for you to go outside on your own. Mall hallways — especially during early morning hours– are a great place for exercising with your manual wheelchair, rollator or walker.
  5. Use the stairs: Steps can be  great exercise tools that adapt to different mobility and fitness levels. If you can climb steps– even if slowly– you can try going up and down one or more flights of stairs every day. If your range of mobility is more limited, you can find support in the stair handrails and practice going up and down a single step repeatedly. This will strengthen your leg muscles and bring up your heart rate.

Not only is winter-time exercise crucial for your physical well-being, but adding movement to your daily routine can help you combat depression (including the winter blues). In addition, you can add a social aspect to your daily exercise by making arrangements to exercise with a friend and/or neighbour. You won’t only be preventing feeling down but you will also avoid feeling isolated when it is hard to get outside.



Recovering comfortably: 5 reasons why a Medical Lift Chair rental can help during post-op

During the first week or two after undergoing major abdominal and joint surgery, many patients experience weakness in their muscles, hips or knees. As wounds heal and you regain your strength, you may find one of the most challenging movements to make will be to get up or lower yourself into a seated position. That is where a medical lift chair comes in most handy for your recovery.

Here are a few ways in which choosing to rent a lift chair when you return home from the hospital will help you:

  1. A lift chair’s basic function- the Lift: The simple actions of lowering your body onto a chair or standing up can become challenging when you cannot make proper use of your abdominal or leg muscles and lower body joints. That’s why, the lift chair’s gentle upwards and forward and downwards and backward motion will be of invaluable assistance as it will relieve pressure in those areas of your body while helping you move to your desired position safely.lifting action lift chair
  2. Range of motion: When you are recovering from surgery, your doctors might recommend that you avoid staying in the same position for a long time– as this can weaken your muscles and stifle your progress. Resting on your bed will often be discouraged as it will leave you with little or no ability to reposition your body. That is why, by choosing a lift chair for rent, you will find options that will allow you to adjust the position of your back, arms and legs in order to maintain a more dynamic range of movement while you rest.
  3.  Relief for your caregivers: In the days immediately following your medical procedure, you might find yourself heavily relying on the help of professional caregivers or family members and friends. In order to help you stand up, for example, these individuals will have to strain their upper body muscles so as to assist you. This could present new health problems for them and could be dangerous for both the caregiver and the patient. So, renting a lift chair will not only take the pressure off your healing body, but by preventing unnecessary strain and accidental falls– it will take pressure off the people who are assisting you in your recovery.
  4. Heat and massage options: Not only do medical lift chairs provide an excellent resting surface to help you recover, but they are equipped with optional features that can accelerate your healing. Vital Mobility’s Type B Lift Chairs for rent come equipped with heat and massage options that treat your lumbar area to gently provide healing treatment to your lower back muscles and spine.
  5. Flexibility: Choosing to rent a medical lift chair means that you don’t have to commit to a large piece of furniture if you know you will be only using it on a temporary basis. The device will be delivered to your home in perfect condition upon your discharge from the hospital and will be picked up when you feel ready to resume your usual routine. Whether you choose to rent for a week or a month is up to you- when it comes to renting a lift chair, leave the rest to us!


Cold therapy for double knee surgery with Breg Polar Care Cube

Cold therapy treatment (or cryotherapy) is an increasingly popular recovery means for individuals who have undergone surgery to their joints- like knee, wrist, shoulder or ankle interventions. Most of these surgeries are delivered one extremity at a time, but in some cases– a double surgery is required. If that is the case and the patient requires cold therapy during their post-op treatment, Breg’s Polar Care Cube system with a Y adapter allows you to deliver treatment to both joints, with only one cryotherapy device.

The cold therapy system is easy to use and is compact and light enough to use at home and in the hospital. Once you fill the device with ice and water, the Polar Care Cube’s motorized pump will deliver uninterrupted cold therapy for 6-8 hours. Orthopedic surgeons often recommend this device since it assists in relieving post-operative pain and swelling at a comfortable temperature that won’t sting like that of an ice or gel pack. breg polar care cube cold therapy system

When it comes to undergoing a double surgery– like a knee intervention– it is often instinctive to think of renting or purchasing two separate cooler units. However, the optional Y adapter allows you to connect your Polar Care Cube to two cuffs for simultaneous treatment. Not only is this option a lot more convenient and less cumbersome than using two devices, but it also a more cost efficient option if you are planning to purchase the system.

Vital Mobility offers the Breg Polar Care Cube at an excellent price and our team will make it available to you or your patients within a day from the time you place your order. To learn more about this cold therapy system or to check out our selection of other, similar products visit www.vitalmobility.ca.



The Triumph Escape: A rollator packed with features

Escape rollator in action
Features sturdy 7″ wheels

When you decide to buy a rollator for yourself or a loved one, you are committing to a life-changing device that you will find yourself using every day. More and more, the team at Vital Mobility has heard from our customers that not only are they seeking the ultimate in safety and reliability when it comes to picking a rollator, but they’re also searching for comfort and added features. That is why we are proud to introduce the Triumph Escape– a premium quality device that also looks great and accommodates your every mobility need.

Lets begin with the Escape’s outstanding comfort features. The rollator features a large padded seat that’s the ideal spot to comfortably rest your legs or take a breather. The Escape’s depth-adjustable padded backrest offers you added comfort and stability. Additionally, while you’re walking with your rollator, you will find that its pressure-reducing anatomical hand-grips keep your hands strong while its cable-free Gentle Touch braking system guarantees a worry-free experience anytime. No visible cables means no danger of having the rollator become tangled with other objects while you’re on the go.

Red Triumph Escape RollatorPlus, the Escape is a breeze to store. It’s compact folding system allows you to fold the rollator with a quick lift of the release handle. The ultra-light device (just 15 lbs) will remain standing, which will facilitate easy storage or lifting it onto the trunk of your car. While you’re on the go, the Escape will come in handy with its large folding shopping basket and optional accessories including a cup holder, cane holder and plastic tray.

For residents of the province of Ontario, there is an added benefit to considering the Triumph Escape walker– the device is covered under the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). To learn more about government subsidies for individuals in need of assistive devices as well as to learn more about Vital Mobility’s great line of quality rollators, visit www.vitalmobility.ca or call 647-688-1934.


Vital Mobility – The best partner for health professionals

Physiotherapy, chiropractic and rehabilitation practices in general are busy with large volumes of patients. That is why, clinic administrators often try to partner up with suppliers who will expedite and ease their process of buying the supplies and products they need—both in order to run their clinics and to help their patients. Vital Mobility is one such supplier; a one-stop shop for home healthcare products, assistive devices and physio supplies—from wheelchairs, home hospital beds and walkers to tens units, heat pads and support cushions, we cover the entire range of products.vm logo

Our company thrives on customer service excellence, meaning that we strive to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Does one of your client need a selection of bathroom safety products next morning? Our dedicated team is committed to getting you the products that you need when and where you need them.

We are also well aware that rehab businesses aren’t just looking for responsiveness and quality—but they also seek to get the best bang for their buck when it comes to purchasing supplies. Vital Mobility’s excellent working relationship with North America’s largest and most recognized medical products manufacturers ensures that you will receive excellent pricing time and time again. Our clinic experts will work with you to source the very best products that will fit your budget.

Picking a supplier that offers a headache-free experience is never easy—but our company is committed to getting you and your clinic as close to that standard as possible. Visit www.vitalmobility.ca or call 647-430-7176 and ask for our physio liaison to learn what our service and product offerings can do for you and your business.