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Lift Chair Store in Toronto, GTA & Canada

Vital Mobility offers in-stock lift chair recliners from renowned brands like Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies. These high-quality power lift chairs can be shipped anywhere in Canada and delivered and set up in the Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for lift chair rentals, click here.

Lift Chair Store Canada

Our extensive selection of lift chairs provides comfort and support for individuals in Canada dealing with medical issues, mobility challenges, joint pain, weakness, and other conditions. These chairs offer a safe and comfortable place to sit, recline, relax, read, watch TV, or even take a nap. The lift function assists with standing and sitting, raising and lowering effortlessly while offering the comfort of a regular recliner chair. Lift chairs are ideal for seniors who need extra help to get up and sit back down. Our range includes standard models as well as advanced infinite position recliners, which provide sleeping, zero gravity, sitting, and reading positions.

What's the difference between Infinite Position Lift Chairs and 3-Position?

Shopping for Lift Chairs? You may be asking yourself what an Infinite Position Lift Chair is - and what is the difference with 3-Position lift chair options?

This video will walk you through the functioning of a Pride VivaLift Perfecta PLR945 Lift Chair, a top-of-the-line infinite position recliner that includes the following features:

  1. Trendelenburg-like tilt positioning for better circulation
  2. Infinite position leg rest and backrest adjustments
  3. Adjustable lumbar support
  4. Adjustable headrest control
  5. USB charger And more.

Medical Lift Chairs for Seniors at Vital Mobility, Toronto

You don't have to give up the comfort of a favourite recliner if you're living with limited mobility. A quality medical lift chair looks just like your average recliner chair, but has special features to assist with mobility issues.

At Vital Mobility, we offer infinite position power lift chairs, three position lift chairs, heavy-duty lifting chair options in different seat widths and weight capacities, zero gravity recliner chairs and more types of lift chair in Canada.

If you or a loved one has difficulty getting up from a recliner, these devices can be the solution. They offer the same comfort and reclining features as standard recliners, but they have powerful motors to help you safely and slowly stand up from your power lift recliner. This allows a lifting chair to reduce the body's dependence on strength in your legs, hips, back and abdominal region.

All motions in your medical lift chair will be controlled at the simple touch of an easy to use, wired remote control. Many of our products also include lumbar and headrest adjustment features as well as handy USB-outlets to allow you to charge your favourite device while you relax on your lift chair.

As one of the leading suppliers of electric lift chairs for seniors in Canada, the team at Vital Mobility takes pride in connecting you with the best quality products and honouring warranties. Whether you are looking for a Pride lift chair recliner or a Golden Technologies electric lift chair, our team offers expert advice and everyday low prices. A wide selection of in-stock lift chair options is ready for immediate pick-up or delivery in the Toronto area and expedited shipping across Canada.

The right power lift chair will give you the confidence to maintain your lifestyle without compromising on comfort. Vital Mobility has a selection in styles to suit any décor and comfort need - so you can feel right at home on your lift chair.

Lift chairs are now widely available at many stores, however, they are not all the same and are not experts in selling you a lift chair.  We have nearly 2 decades experience in selling lift chairs and all the elements that you need to take into consideration.  Our staff are the experts and are here to answer any questions about our offering of medical lift chairs Canada, feel free to call Vital Mobility, connect with us over chat or visit to try them in person at one of our Toronto-area locations.

Looking for other mobility products to help your everyday lifestyle and home accessibility? Vital Mobility offers home hospital bedsoutdoor mobility scooters, bathroom safety products, wheelchairspatient lifts, ramps and more.

Common Questions

What is the best Lift Chair Recliner for you?

  • Our website serves as an excellent platform on which do do preliminary research. First of all, it is important to figure out what size lift chair will suit you best. You will find the seat to floor heigh as well as seat depth and width of every lift chair on their respective product pages. Compare those dimensions against your height, weight and seat width to zone into the right size for you. 
  • Take a few minutes to browse our website and focus on models of lift chairs that you may like. Take note and make sure, by looking into their product page, that they are available in your size. 
  • Next, it might be a good time to get in touch with our lift chair experts. Our experienced team will help you zone into the perfect lift chair for you. In addition, each of our showrooms in Toronto and Vaughan displays between 6-8 lift chairs at a time. So if you would like to experience them first hand before making a decision, you certainly can get a good idea of fabrics and features during your visit to our showrooms. 
  • Once you are ready to buy a lift chair recliner, our team will coordinate delivery with you. Most of our lift chairs can be delivered within 1-7 days from the purchase date. 

What is the average cost of a lift chair?

A quality Lift Chair on average can cost between $1500 and $2300 in Canada. These lift chairs are manufactured by reputable companies that specialize in medical lift chairs and supplies. When you buy a quality lift chair, you are not just ensuring that the lift recliner has the right features for you. You are also buying an extended warranty term as well as impeccable manufacturing. Whereas the range provided is an average of Canadian lift chair costs, some models with very basic features may cost less – and those with more premium features like heat and massage, may cost more.

Are there special lift chairs for people with joint pains?

People with joint pains can benefit in many ways from using lift chairs in their daily lives. When a person living with joint pains or arthritis has a hard time getting on and off a couch or chair, a lift chair will make that job easier on their joints. The multiple positioning options available, particularly in infinite position lift chairs, will help them find an optimal resting position. Additionally, upgraded models with heat and massage will place warmth on the affected areas to relieve pain.

Are your lift chairs fully electric or semi-electric?

At Vital Mobility we specialize in fully electric lift chairs for sale. As one gets older, finding a comfortable resting and lounging position can become challenging. Getting up from a chair or couch can be hard, too. Our fully electric lift chairs are operated at the simple touch of a button – meaning that there are no physical demands on the user or their caregivers.

What is the maximum number of days/months a person can rent your lift chairs?

Our lift chair rentals program does not have a maximum rental period. Our initial lift chair rental period is always 30 days. After that initial timeframe, you are free to keep your lift chair as long as you wish. Our system will automatically renew your rental every 30 days until you decide to return the lift chair. If you wish to buy a chair after trying out a lift chair for rent, our team will apply your first-month rental into that purchase price.

Do you have a lift chair for a senior with back problems?

Seniors with back problems can greatly benefit from the use of a lift chair – particularly, if that lift chair has lumbar support and/or Trendelenburg/zero gravity positions. The lumbar support function, available in our Pride VivaLift range, allows you to inflate and deflate an incorporated lumbar pillow. At the simple touch of a button, you can find the right level of lumbar comfort to help you alleviate your back problems.

Lift chairs with Trendelenburg or Zero Gravity position allow you to place you legs higher than your torso. This provides you with much needed relief and decompression for your spine.

What is the average size of your lift chair? How much space will it occupy in a room?

Depending on their style and size, lift chairs may occupy different amounts of space in a room. An average Medium-sized lift chair for example, may be 34-37 inches wide and need between 13-16 inches of distance from the wall.

Are your lift chairs safe for a senior who might fall asleep on it for the entire night?

Lift chairs are not meant to substitute beds. However, many seniors choose to occasionally sleep overnight in them. Lift chairs tend to be quite safe to sleep on as they provide a contained and cozy area for the senior user to rest on. If the person does not have a home hospital bed, the ability to sleep with the back of the lift chair slightly raised may improve breathing.

How many days will it take for your company to deliver my lift chair order?

If the lift chair you picked is in stock, Vital Mobility can deliver lift chairs as quickly as next day. For other models, deliveries in the Greater Toronto Area may take 2-5 days. If the lift recliner needs to be shipped outside of the Toronto area, it may take between 3-7 days for you to receive your brand-new lift chair at your door.

What are the benefits of a Vital Mobility lift chair?

When you shop for a lift chair at Vital Mobility, you are not just purchasing a well-priced, quality mobility aid. You are also buying the unconditional support of our dedicated team. We do not just answer questions in the lead-up to your decision to buy a lift chair from us. The Vital Mobility team is there for you every step of the way- providing expert delivery and set up and answering any questions you may have during the first few days of lift chair use. Thereafter, our technical experts can help you troubleshoot and if needed, visit your home to honour our manufacturer’s generous warranty terms. Beware of online-only retailers and trust the team at Vital Mobility to keep your lift chair working for years to come.

Will I be able to fit the lift chair in an average car boot?

Most lift chairs do not fit into an average car boot. To transport a lift chair yourself, you may need an SUV, pick up truck or van. The boxes in which lift chair recliners are packed can be quite large, making it too hard to pack into the tight spaces of regular-sized vehicles. Make sure too, that if you decide to pick up your new lift chair from our warehouse, you bring extra help. Lift chairs weigh and average of 150 lbs!

What are the choices of colours of your lift chairs?

Depending on which lift chair model you choose, our products come in different fabric types and colours. Popular chenille and canvas-like fabric colours are Beige, Gray, Dark Brown and Blue. In our faux-leather lift chair fabrics, some best-selling colours are Light Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Grey and Navy Blue. Once our customers zone into which lift chair model they prefer, our team will be happy to help them pick the perfect colour to match their style and décor.

What diagnosis will cover a lift chair?

Lift chair purchases in Ontario do not qualify for financial coverage from the government. Many organizations however, depending on which condition you are living with and your financial status, may help to pay for lift chairs. You must get in touch with the relevant organization to determine eligibility.

Are lift chairs tax deductible in Canada?

Lift Chairs in Canada are zero-rated if bought under the written order of a health professional (Doctor, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist). At the time of purchase, you must present a signed note from said professional to avoid paying tax.

What is the difference between a lift chair and a power recliner?

Whereas power recliners will offer leg-rest and backrest adjustability, a lift chair will do this and more. A lift chair is different from a power recliner because it helps the user to gently get off their lift chair. The person can gradually lift and tilt the lift chair seat to find the perfect position for getting up from a seated position.

What is a medical lift chair?

A medical lift chair is a lift recliner that is designed with the mobility needs of an elderly or disabled individual in mind. Medical Lift Chairs have several therapeutic benefits to help. They are designed to gradually help the person get out of their lift chair and stand up. Some of them also feature headrest and lumbar control to best position the person using it. Zero Gravity and Trendelenburg position help decompress the spines of individuals who suffer from back issues as well as helping patients with respiratory and cardiac conditions. Additionally, some medical lift chairs are equipped with heat and massage to soothe sore muscles and enhance lymphatic drainage and circulation in patients.

What are the different types of lift chairs?

In 2023, there are several, different types of lift chairs that are popular in today’s market. Every type of lift chair offers different features at different price points.

3-Position Lift Chairs: This type of lift chairs offers budget-friendly options and is also ideal for individuals who face challenges when facing cognitive tasks. Because 3-position lift chairs only have one motor – both the leg rest and the backrest move in tandem (like a scissor mechanism). When the backrest goes back, the leg-rest comes up. When the backrest comes back up, the leg-rest goes down. In addition, the backrest of a 3-position lift chair goes back into a ”napping” position but not into a full, flat “sleeping position”. Because of these factors, 3-position lift chairs are the most economical type. For people whose cognition has worsened, these models are ideal because they only have two buttons on the hand pendant. These lift recliners have an up and down arrow to control the recline and lifting functions of the chair.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs: If you are looking for more flexibility and comfort features in a lift chair, you may consider an Infinite Position Lift Chair. What does it mean? The lift chair has motors that will operate the backrest, leg-rest and lifting mechanism independently. This means that if you want to watch TV with your back upright but your legs up in a horizontal position, you may do this. Infinite position lift chairs also give you the ability of lowering the backrest all the way down into a “sleeping” position. This means that they can be used both during the day for nap time, and even at night for rest.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs with Trendelenburg Position: Lift chairs have come a long way since they were first introduced into the market in the 1980s. Today’s most modern lift chairs not only feature infinite position options. They also offer a much larger selection of features for yourself or a loved one to find ideal comfort. Trendelenburg position lift chairs allow you to raise the legs of the recliner higher than your body – helping with breathing, circulation, and back pain. In addition, many models allow you to lower the head portion more than the hips and legs, creating a decompressing Zero-Gravity position. The most advanced lift chair models also feature controls for your headrest angle as well as lumbar inflation for support. Many of these top-of-the-line models also include heat and/or massage as well as memory buttons to help you set your favourite lounging position. Vital Mobility specializes in the sale of these Infinite Position Lift Chairs by Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies in Canada. For lift chairs that feature the latest technology at the best prices, speak with our mobility experts today.

What is the difference between a chairlift and a stairlift?

Chairlifts and stairlifts are NOT lift chairs. Both those terms are synonyms that are used interchangeably to describe stair-climbing chairs. These attach to a rail on your staircase and help you go up the stairs safely. They should not be confused with Lift Chairs with are single, recliner-like loungers that lift to support you in getting out of your chair safely.

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