Caring For A Loved One With Alzheimer’s at Home

If there is one fact regarding individuals  living with Alzheimer’s that doctors and nurses all agree with, is that maintaining familiarity in their everyday surroundings is key for them. As the disease progresses, and a patient’s memory deteriorates, choosing to provide care for the person in the comfort of their own home — when possible– is often a wise choice.

Whereas some individuals choose to hire a care-giving agency for support, others decide to make the care of a loved one their full-time work. Whichever the situation though, there are several assistive devices and home health care products that can make the ordeal of preparing your home for an Alzheimer’s patient a smoother experience.

young and older womanHome Hospital Beds: Home hospital beds can provide a great level of comfort and safety for the patient.  In earlier stages of the disease, when the memory and sense of time/place are compromised, the beds’ side rails can help deter the person from wandering around their room or home and possibly hurting themselves. For patients with later-stage Alzheimer’s who begin to experience physical symptoms, a home hospital bed is also a great idea. As their ability to walk becomes compromised, the home hospital bed provides a great and versatile surface for them to rest. Fully adjustable backrests and legrests are ideal for caregivers to better position the patient. The bed’s adjustable height settings are perfect for helping a patient on and off the bed.

Transport Chair: Doctor’s appointments are a routine part of the life of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s. A transport chair can be a great tool for facilitating those quick trips. Unlike a regular wheelchair, the transport wheelchair has four small wheels– meaning that the caregiver is in charge of propelling the patient. With convenient foot-brakes and lightweight construction (most are built in aluminum), the they can be easily stored in the trunk of the car.

Bath Lift:  This fully electric bathing surface can be placed inside the bath tub.  It is ideal for a patient who doesn’t have a big range of motion and needs help in order to be lowered into or lifted from the tub. With convenient height and tilt controls, bath lifts can help ease the care giver’s experience  and provide extra comfort to the patient as they go about their bathing routine.

Rolling Commode: As toileting becomes a challenge for individuals with Alzheimer’s the commode is an excellent option to tend to their needs. The wheeled commode comes equipped with a built-in toilet sit and removable bucket. Many of them include a lid which helps double their functionality– they can also be used as transport chairs inside the home.

Caring for someone you love throughout their journey with Alzheimer’s isn’t easy. It’s filled with heartbreak and laughter, moments of hope and challenges. Mobility stores like Vital Mobility are here to help– with top notch equipment and dedicated staff that’s 100% committed to helping you and your family, every step of the way.

Home Hospital Beds: To Buy or To Rent?

Home hospital beds for home use are a great way of providing your loved ones with safety and comfort as they recover from surgery, injury or convalesce. They come in different configurations and are equipped with features to address every type of need. But when it comes to deciding whether buying or renting a home hospital bed is the best idea, there are three important factors to consider.woman on drive home hospital bed

1. Duration of use: A person who has undergone abdominal surgery and is on track towards a speedy recovery, may only require a home hospital bed for a month or two. On the other hand, a patient whose condition is slowly progressing and whose mobility is severely impaired, may need a hospital bed for an undefined time period. When looking into renting or buying a home hospital bed, think of how long it will be needed for. A hospital bed for rent will be a great choice in the first scenario– a purchase is more suitable for the latter.

2. Want to try it first? If you are trying to decide which bed might be most suitable for you or a loved one, you may want to consider renting an adjustable hospital bed first. Most reputable mobility companies have a selection of hospital beds for rent at different price levels. Are you looking for an economical option? Or a feature-packed device? Renting the bed you’re considering for a month or two will ensure that you’re making the right purchase decision down the road.

3.How specific is your need? Patients who live with a severe mobility impairment or acute health condition will often require home hospital beds that are highly customized to their needs. For example, someone with COPD may benefit from a bed that offers the option for Trendelenburg position (patient lays flat and bed is tilted so that legs are higher than the head). A person living with Alzheimer’s may require specialized side rails to keep them from wondering while preventing patient entrapment.  In these cases, a purchase may be most adequate.

Whether you are looking to bring a hospital bed into your home temporarily or permanently, the great news is that companies like Vital Mobility offer both options and can work with different budgets to find the right fit for you. Ready to look into your options? Visit to learn more.


The PrimeCare Hi/Low Ultimate Bariatric Bed: Versatility at its best

If you or a loved one require mobility devices or home care products in the bariatric category (for individuals weighing approximately 300lbs or more), you will probably learn that these devices are in much shorter supply than regular-sized products.

prime care bed bariatric hi-lowThat is why, bariatric beds can also be extremely pricey compared to regular-size home hospital beds– meaning that some people will sacrifice proper support and space in order to opt for a more affordable option. If they make that choice, individuals weighing over 300 lbs will very likely find it a challenge to get comfortable on a regular, 36×80″ home hospital bed. Not only can those beds lack sufficient support for them, but they may prove to be too narrow for the person to find an optimal sleeping position.

The team at Vital Mobility’s number one priority is to pair our customers with the very best devices we can, at the most reasonable prices in the market. That is why we are proud to offer the PrimaCare Hi/Low Ultimate Bariatric Bed by Drive Medical— a home care bed that strikes the perfect balance between versatile features and price.


The bed itself has a weight capacity of 500lbs, and its sizing is highly expandable. It’s standard, 76″ length can be expanded to up to 84″. However, its most remarkable feature, is the bed’s ability to expand width-wise– from the regular sized 35″ to a more generous 42″. That feature can make all the difference in the world to a person looking for a little bit more elbow-room.

Care staff also benefit from the added width of the bed as it offers a great surface for carrying out caregiving duties or safely repositioning the patient.

Additionally, a taller and heavier patient can find great comfort in the bed’s large range of vertical motion. The bed achieves a super low height of 7″ from the floor and can reach a high, 30 1/2″ working height.

For added versatility, this home care bed comes with a Staff Control Option at the footboard which enables the bed’s Cardiac Chair and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg capabilities — ideal for rehab and institutional care as it aids in circulation and breathing.

All these features, set up on reliable and sturdy steel construction, make for a bed that can cater to all your needs for years to come. To explore the PrimaCare Hi/Low Ultimate Bariatric Bed and obtain pricing, please visit Vital today!

A new year, a new (and more mobile) you!

When faced with challenging situations– such as finding ourselves unable to move around the way we once used to– it is natural to lack motivation and struggle to settle into our new realities. But as a new year begins and resolutions are made, we are reminded that there is hope out there for all of us and that there are many ways to regain the independence we once relied on. The dedicated team at Vital Mobility can be your partner in discovering your options and navigating the world of mobility in an informed and flexible manner.

vital mobility parners in recovery

Think of a wheelchair for example. You may be considering purchasing a brand new device. However, within the realm of wheelchairs, there are hundreds– if not thousands– of options available. They include basic foldable wheelchairs, wheelchairs with additional cushioning for extended use, ultra-light wheelchairs made out of alumimum or carbon fiber, and tilting wheelchairs. Our experts can work with your therapists and doctors in identifying the perfect wheelchair for your budget. We will also guide you in obtaining the government funding necessary (e.g: ADP) to ease the financial burden that a complex wheelchair can present for you and your loved ones.

Home hospital beds is another product category that many of us eventually end up having to purchase for ourselves or a family member. The selection of such devices grows daily — from basic, utilitarian beds that will keep you safe and comfortable to luxurious beds that match your home decor and are packed with added features to make your life and that of your caregiver easier. Vital Mobility is proud to carry the whole range, meaning that we offer beds that are suitable for every budget. Plus, unlike many of our industry colleagues, we carry a wide selection of home hospital beds in our showroom– meaning that instead of buying from a catalogue, you’ll have a chance to test-drive these beds before making an important purchasing decision.

These are just a few examples of how we strive to serve our customers in the path to a better quality of life or a prompt recovery. To make your buying experience even easier, we also offer one of the most comprehensive device rental programs in the province of Ontario. Whether you are looking to try out a new home hospital bed or to rent a wheelchair Toronto, we deliver rental products in excellent condition– quickly and at very competitive rental rates.

Visit today for locations and contact information. We look forward to serving you this 2016!

Prevent bed sores and find comfort with an Air Mattress

Vital Mobility is Toronto’s premier provider of home healthcare serving the GTA with top-notch customer service and very competitive pricing. That is why our expert team can help you pinpoint which type of therapeutic mattress will be best in assisting you or a loved one in achieving the ideal level of comfort and healing. When a foam mattress isn’t enough for a patient who experiences mobility impairment, the experts at Vital Mobility often recommend that they consider an Air Mattress for sale or for rent.

Pressure prevention mattresses are designed for individuals who will spend a fair amount of their day in their hospital bed. Whereas many will benefit from the reliable comfort of a foam mattress– many of which are ergonomically built to reduce the chance of bed sores– other, more severely restricted in their mobility, will opt for an air mattresses.

air mattress by drive medicalAir mattresses do the moving for you! When an individual cannot shift positions or leave the bed on a regular basis, they are more prone to developing bed sores and pressure wounds. These are caused by the constant rubbing of the patient’s skin against the bed surfaces without any ventilation. Whether the patient is in this position, or has already developed pressure sores and requires immediate relief, the features included in our air mattress can help alleviate those conditions.

Medical air mattresses are connected to a programmable air pump that allows them to alternate the body’s pressure points, maintaining tissues in motion as the patient rests. Depending on the cycle that you or your therapist select, the mattress will continuously modify how the mattresses air pockets are inflated– ensuring that the individual never feels too much pressure in any part of their body.

This doesn’t mean that the mattress itself loses firmness at any point, instead– the latest technology low-airloss mattresses are covered by laser punctures throughout, which allow minute amounts of air to escape the device. This technology is crucial for managing the moisture levels on the patient’s skin by keeping it cool all the time and gives them the feeling that they are “floating on air”.

Our excellent quality mattresses will ensure that you or a loved one achieve the comfort you need for as long as you need it. Our company offers a broad range of medical air mattresses that will fit your budget as well as a comprehensive rental program for those looking for a temporary solution. Visit our Air Mattress page for more information today!