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Wheelchair Store Toronto and Canada

Finding the perfect wheelchair for sale for yourself or a loved one is easy at Vital Mobility - Canada's source for quality, affordable mobility based in Toronto, Ontario. Our wide selection includes lightweight wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, motorized models as well as convenient folding and manual wheelchairs to help you regain mobility.

No matter where you are in Canada we will ship your wheelchair to you, buy online or call and speak to one of our mobility experts to ensure you receive the best manual wheelchair for your needs. Or visit one of our 2 Toronto based locations and shop in store. Conveniently located near Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Scarborough, downtown Toronto and more.


Vital Mobility's Transport Chairs are designed for individuals on-the-go. Featuring lightweight aluminum frames, these wheelchairs are easily foldable and perfect for quick trips. Our range includes basic models and folding wheelchairs with larger wheels, hand brakes, and comfortable seating.

Vital Lightweight WheelchairVital Lightweight Wheelchair

Vital Mobility offers a comprehensive selection of manual wheelchairs, from folding economy models to advanced lightweight options with the latest technological advancements. Enhance your everyday life with a wheelchair tailored to your needs.


Heavy Duty Wheelchairs, also known as bariatric wheelchairs, are built for individuals requiring sturdier frames and larger seat dimensions. Our selection includes wheelchairs with seat widths up to 26" and reinforced construction for a comfortable and safe ride.


Reclining and Tilt Wheelchairs from Vital Mobility are specialized for individuals with significant mobility constraints. These Type 5 wheelchairs provide optimal spinal adjustment and breathing support through adjustable reclining and tilt features.

Wheelchair Accessoies CupholderWheelchair Accessoies Cupholder

Enhance your wheelchair experience with Vital Mobility's range of accessories designed for safety and comfort. Explore our selection to find the perfect additions to your mobility solutions.

Wheelchairs for Sale at Vital Mobility

Purchasing a wheelchair in Canada is a big decision and the Toronto-based team at Vital Mobility knows it. As Ontario's go-to source, we have curated a large selection of power and electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs and heavy duty wheelchairs for sale in Canada to fit your every mobility need.

Wheelchair users have many different needs and levels of mobility. Some require a lightweight transport chair to be assisted around their home and on and off a vehicle occasionally. These compact chairs can be easily folded and fit into the trunk of most vehicles. Others look for self-propelled wheelchairs in Canada that offer agility and speed to help them go about their daily lives. These devices feature specialized seating and ultra-light carbon fiber and aluminum frames. Individuals living with little to no mobility will benefit from the use of a tilting and/or reclining chair for caregivers to transport them. Many wheelchairs in the province of Ontario can be partially subsidized by the ADP (Assistive Devices Program). As ADP vendors (Vaughan location), Vital Mobility can assist you in sourcing and configuring a great wheelchair - and processing the application for you.

Choosing to purchase any wheelchair type from Vital Mobility ensures that you will have the support you need throughout your mobility journey. With two brick and mortar stores that feature wheelchairs for sale in Toronto, top-notch customer service on the phone and a dedicated service team, Vital Mobility is always able to help. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that our team will stand behind your device's warranty with necessary parts and service only a call away. Our physical and online stores feature the best wheelchair prices in Canada along with brand-new, reliable devices to keep you safe and comfortable. Browse our wheelchair store today.

Common Questions

What is the right type of wheelchair for you?

There are many different types of wheelchairs in the market and deciding which one is best for you will depend on how mobile you are or your existing medical condition. First, you should consider whether you need an electric wheelchair, manual wheelchair, or transport wheelchair.

Electric Wheelchairs:

Also known as power wheelchairs, these devices are self-propelled. At the simple touch of a joystick-style controller, your electric wheelchair will help you keep up with the world around you. Ideal for indoors and outdoors use, powered wheelchairs feature comfortable seating and a tight turning radius for speed and agility. We have auto electric folding wheelchairs available.

Manual Wheelchairs:

Manual wheelchairs come in many different sizes, styles, and price points. Starter manual chairs feature steel frames and basic features – like swing-away footrests and minimally padded seating surfaces. As a wheelchair gets more advanced, it will be constructed in lighter-weight materials like aluminum, carbon-fiber or titanium and will feature much more specialized seating – custom or pre-made, with air cells and foam backrests. Many additional configurations are available as a manual wheelchair becomes more complex which make them more suitable for heavy, everyday use.

Transport Wheelchairs:

If you or a loved one need another individual to assist you with everyday mobility, a >transport wheelchair could be an excellent solution. Constructed in lightweight aluminum and featuring excellent portability, these chairs are perfect for family members who need a quick solution to help their loved ones around the mall, to and from and doctor’s office or on an outdoors walk. Some models are also suitable for caregivers to transport patients daily.

How quickly can I get a wheelchair in Toronto?

Vital Mobility offers a selection of wheelchairs that can be picked up from our stores, delivered, or shipped out same day. More customized devices will take 5-10 days to configure as our team must build your wheelchair out of different structural and support pieces that must first be gathered and installed.

How much does a wheelchair cost in Canada?

The cost of wheelchairs in Canada varies according to how complex the chair is. Transport chairs for example, retail at Vital Mobility starting at $229. A basic manual wheelchair made from steel will start at about $350 and a model with a lighter construction retails from about $600. As a wheelchair becomes more complex, the price tag goes up. Customized chairs can start at $1500 and range up to $5000.  Power wheelchairs start at about $2500 and can cost up to $7000 depending on features.

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