How to care for your Mobility Scooter in the winter

drive scooter storage in the winterWith the thermometer already dipping below 0 degrees, it is time to begin thinking how to condition your mobility devices for use or storage during the winter months. When it comes to mobility scooters, a vast majority– especially travel size or medium size models– are only appropriate for use in dry or wet road conditions. 

When the snow starts coming down, however, it is most advisable to bring those devices indoors as the snow and road salt can inflict severe damage on the structure and mechanics of the mobility scooter. The expert team at Vital Mobility has compiled some quick and useful tips to help you keep your mobility scooter in tip-top shape during the cold Canadian months:

  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SCOOTER OUTDOORS: Not only will the cold weather finish your battery, but the body of your scooter will be damaged. Instead, look for a dry place to store it: like a shed, a garage or even your home’s basement.
  • REMEMBER TO CHARGE YOUR BATTERIES: Unlike during the warmer months, when you’ll be charging your battery on an almost daily basis, in the winter you are also required to give your batteries the occasional boost. It is ideal to charge your mobility scooter overnight every two weeks. This will assist in maintaining the battery by avoiding parasitic drain.
  • MAINTAIN THE TIRES: Before storing your scooter for the winter, make sure that if your tires are air-filled, that they are fully inflated– and that they remain so for the duration of the season. Deflated tires are likely to crack and compromise your ability to use your scooter once the weather warms up.
  • IF YOU’RE LEAVING THE SCOOTER IN A CHILLY SPOT: Sometimes you will have no choice than to store your mobility scooter in a spot– like your garage– that may not be heated. In that case, to prevent the battery from freezing and possible condensation, consider covering the battery with a heavy blanket.
  • WAIT FOR THE SNOW TO CLEAR: Icy and snowy road conditions will not only compromise the structural integrity of your mobility device, but they will also put you at risk. Instead of using your scooter, consider enlisting the help of family and friends or a trusted mobility transportation service to get you around town.

If you follow the above steps, once spring arrives, you will find your mobility scooter in great shape and you will not need to waste any time resuming your busy life outdoors!

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Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas from Vital Mobility

With the holidays right around the corner you might need to shop for an elderly or mobility-impaired family member or friend. There’s many gifting options available in the market that can significantly contribute to their everyday living. The team at Vital Mobility wants to make holiday shopping easy for you, so we compiled a list of our Top 5 gift ideas to make the process a lot easier. (SCROLL DOWN TO GALLERY FOR PHOTOS)

  1. The NITRO Rollator: Few mobility devices look as beautiful as the Nitro rollator walker by Drive Medical. With sleek European styling and and a variety of attractive colours to choose from, the Nitro combines the best in looks and functionality. Four large flat-free tires ensure great traction in most terrains and its generous seating area and backrest give you the comfort you need when taking a break from your walk. The rollator comes equipped with a roomy basket to help you during shopping trips and concealed break wires to prevent damage and tripping.
  2.  Pride LC 525 Zero-Gravity Lift Chair: With the cold winter days just ahead of us, your loved one will
    find comfort in this revolutionary lift chair. Part of the manufacturer’s “Specialty Collection”, the LC 525 offers an infinite-position hand control that allows for the largest range of motion in the industry– from a sitting position to a 180-degree sleeping position, the chair’s two-motor mechanism provides the ultimate in versatility. Think of your loved one choosing to sit with their legs resting in a horizontal position as they read their favourite book or finding relief from congestion by choosing a sleeping position that elevates their head while angling down their legs (Trendelenburg position)- these positions are only possible with an infinite position lift chair. These features, added to the super-soft fabric selections included with this chaise lounger, make it a great gift choice this holiday season.
  3. Ventura DLX Scooter: Not too large and not too small, the Ventura deluxe scooter is just the right size to fit in your garage but is roomy and has enough range to take you on all your adventures in 2016 (up to 35 kms). The 4-wheel midsize scooter comes equipped with a comfortable captain’s seat (with cushioned back and head support) that can swivel and slide down for easy access. The Ventura also includes a full-lighting package with turn signals, parking blinkers and a headlight as well as readview mirrors for added safety. With intuitive controls that make it easy to use and your choice of interchangeable blue or red face-plates, this scooter offers great value for your money that doesn’t compromise on quality nor style!
  4. Lightweight Aluminum Transport Chair: These economical transport chairs are the perfect addition to the lives of individuals who find it challenging to walk unassisted. Whether a loved one needs a transport chair to be tak
    en to the doctor’s office, on a trip to the mall or around the neighbourhood, our lightweight aluminum transport chairs offer unparalleled convenience. You can easily fold them and store them in the trunk of your car, a closet at home or even under a bed! Not only will your loved one benefit from this handy mobility aid but they’ll be able to choose among a selection of attractive colours to brighten up their winter (red, blue or black!).
  5. EmbraceAIRPlus Back Support: If you suffer from back or neck problems, the prospect of driving your car or sitting on a chair to do your work may present an ergonomic nightmare. In comes the Canadian-made EmbraceAIR Plus back support, allowing you to decide just how much support you need for your back. An internal air bolster can be positioned up or down to give you the proper level of lumbar support. Afterwards, squeeze the attached air bulb to inflate the cushion until you find the perfect position for your spine– you can modify the angle of your back up to 18 degrees! (Call 647-430-7176 for pricing and more info!)

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Thought power wheelchairs are only for outdoors use? Think again!

When we think of a power wheelchair, we often think of them as a convenient device for getting around outdoors– a mix of comfort with speed that make any trip around the neighourhood a breeze. But you may be surprised to learn that power wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs are a great choice for individuals who are looking for mobility in the comfort of their own homes.

Here’s why:

mother driving jazzy power wheelchair by pride medical
Jazzy by Pride

Regular Wheelchairs are self-propelled: Maneuvering through your home’s tight corridors or turning your manual wheelchair around when moving around your house can be challenging– both due to limited physical strength you might experience and space restrictions (imagine having to rub your elbows against walls in order to move the wheels in your chair!). A power wheelchair on the other hand, allows you to move at the simple touch of a handy joystick. You can install it in the area where your dominant hand would rest– keeping your muscles and limbs relaxed and safe.

Power Wheelchairs have the very best turning radius: Whether you have previously used a manual wheelchair or a mobility scooter, you will find that neither one of these devices can turn on itself. That means that if you have to access a space like a your kitchen or bathroom– which can often become very crowded by furniture and appliances– you may find these devices unsuitable and uncomfortable. Mid-wheel drive power wheelchairs for example, are a perfect choice if you are searching for a mobility aid that will provide a tight turning radius that will enable the chair to turn virtually on itself.

Power Wheelchairs are instinctive: When you get your hands on your first power wheelchairs, there’s a crucial tip that any expert will offer.

“As you begin to maneuver your wheelchair, try to visualize its movements as if they were your own.”

Because power wheelchairs have such a tight turning radius and are so highly responsive to your joystick commands, they will begin to feel more and more like they’re an extension of your body– unlike a mobility scooter which feels more like you are driving a small vehicle. If you share your home with other individuals, pets and bulky furniture in general, a power wheelchair will prove to be your best option for instinctive and accident-free movement.

Plus, as technology advances, power wheelchairs are becoming increasingly compact, nimble and even portable– meaning that people who will not be using them throughout the day, have the option of storing them under their beds or in available closet space. Vital Mobility offers a large selection of power wheelchairs, both for sale and for rent, at great pricing from North America’s leading manufacturers. We will also work with your therapist if you require a highly-customized power wheelchair to ensure that you receive the features that you need. Inquire with our customer service team today.


Prevent bed sores and find comfort with an Air Mattress

Vital Mobility is Toronto’s premier provider of home healthcare serving the GTA with top-notch customer service and very competitive pricing. That is why our expert team can help you pinpoint which type of therapeutic mattress will be best in assisting you or a loved one in achieving the ideal level of comfort and healing. When a foam mattress isn’t enough for a patient who experiences mobility impairment, the experts at Vital Mobility often recommend that they consider an Air Mattress for sale or for rent.

Pressure prevention mattresses are designed for individuals who will spend a fair amount of their day in their hospital bed. Whereas many will benefit from the reliable comfort of a foam mattress– many of which are ergonomically built to reduce the chance of bed sores– other, more severely restricted in their mobility, will opt for an air mattresses.

air mattress by drive medicalAir mattresses do the moving for you! When an individual cannot shift positions or leave the bed on a regular basis, they are more prone to developing bed sores and pressure wounds. These are caused by the constant rubbing of the patient’s skin against the bed surfaces without any ventilation. Whether the patient is in this position, or has already developed pressure sores and requires immediate relief, the features included in our air mattress can help alleviate those conditions.

Medical air mattresses are connected to a programmable air pump that allows them to alternate the body’s pressure points, maintaining tissues in motion as the patient rests. Depending on the cycle that you or your therapist select, the mattress will continuously modify how the mattresses air pockets are inflated– ensuring that the individual never feels too much pressure in any part of their body.

This doesn’t mean that the mattress itself loses firmness at any point, instead– the latest technology low-airloss mattresses are covered by laser punctures throughout, which allow minute amounts of air to escape the device. This technology is crucial for managing the moisture levels on the patient’s skin by keeping it cool all the time and gives them the feeling that they are “floating on air”.

Our excellent quality mattresses will ensure that you or a loved one achieve the comfort you need for as long as you need it. Our company offers a broad range of medical air mattresses that will fit your budget as well as a comprehensive rental program for those looking for a temporary solution. Visit our Air Mattress page for more information today!