Insights on the Different Types of Hospital Beds

Choosing the right hospital bed for your loved one can be stressful.  We understand that with all the options out there finding the right one can be a bit overwhelming.  Today we are going to breakdown a few options so that you can find the best hospital bed for sale to meet your needs.

Manual hospital beds are great if you are on a tight budget but you need a fully functional bed to put in your home.  While they are cheaper you have to be sure that the person that will use the bed is physically able to manipulate it.  Normally the bed will have to be manually cranked in order to adjust the bed to the desired positions.

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds are a great option if you think that the person using the hospital bed doesn’t have the physical ability to use a manual hospital bed, but you are still working with a tight budget.  These beds are much cheaper than fully electric beds; yet offer comfort and support to users.   The part of the bed that is slept on is electric, but the height of the bed still has to be adjusted manually, however this can usually be handle by the caregiver.

Electrical Hospital Bed these are some of the most expensive options for hospital beds, however they offer the most supports and comfort for the user.   For patients that don’t have much physical strength or ability this is the best option because everything is motorize, meaning that the patients only have to press a small button to manipulate the position of their head and neck.

Adjustable Hospital Beds come in a wide variety of options; they are beds that are designed to look like normal beds. Our beds come in a variety of options including twin and up through king.  If you are looking to furnish a room with a hospital bed as a permanent feature and want aesthetic value, these are the way to go.

Specialty Hospital Beds are designed more for commercial then for residential use.  These are the kind of hospital bed that you will find in most hospitals that have a variety of options and are usually fully electric.  If you are looking to purchase a specially hospital bed, be prepared to spend a decent sum of money, however with these you get what you pay for.  The higher priced beds are quality and will last for a much longer time than a standard home hospital bed.

Even with this information, finding a hospital bed for sale that meets your needs can be tough.  Vital Mobility has put a lot of time and energy into making sure that we have options that fit both your needs and your wallet. We have received the customer choice award for our outstanding customer service, and we want to help you.  If you have any other questions or still need help picking out the right hospital bed, give us a call today.  It would be our pleasure to help you.