Why prompt service is A MUST in the mobility industry

Mobility and accessibility devices are not luxury items. When patients and their loved ones call a home health care retailer, they usually require these products with urgency and are seeking quick delivery options

Take a person who has just undergone knee replacement surgery for example. They might need a cold therapy unit to decrease pain and inflammation, a raised toilet seat to assist them and a walker to begin their recovery as soon as possible. Or a patient who has suffered a stroke and spent weeks in hospital– their movement might be severely impaired– and when the time comes for them to be discharged from hospital, they may need a home hospital bed immediately. The team at Vital Mobility understands the importance of these and other assistive devices in order to guarantee your quality of life and recovery– that is why our team is always here to help.

elderly woman on lift chair with sales representativeMany customers in the past have come to us after contacting other retailers and finding themselves leaving messages with answering machines or uneducated staff. Our commitment to your well-being means that our expert staff is always ready to answer your call or email– and you won’t get vague responses. When you call Vital Mobility, you can do so expecting thorough and precise information about the products you are looking for. We want to match you up with the perfect scooter, wheelchair, rollator or lift chair for you.

Moreover, our company’s great relationship with our providers enables us to in most cases, obtain the product you are looking for — if not in stock– within 24 hours. You can subsequently pick it up from any of our stores (Vaughan and Toronto) or have our delivery team bring it right to your door — fully assembled and in perfect working condition. Not only will you be receiving your medical supplies quickly, but our delivery team will walk you through its proper use and maintenance.

Our promise of 100% customer service satisfaction arises from our vocation– we are here to serve you and make life a lot easier for you and your family. Visit www.vitalmobility.ca or call 647-430-7176 today to experience Vital Mobility’s top-notch service today.