The Advantages Of Renting A Wheelchair When Travelling

In 2000/2001, it was reported that approximately 155,000 Canadians required a wheelchair to get around. ( When the statistics were broken down, it was reported that the main reasons Canadians needed a mobility support device were disease, illness, natural aging or injury. As such, there are many reasons to rent rather than purchase expensive medical equipment. In many instances, the need for one is temporary, and wheelchair rentals service, for instance, is often less expensive than purchasing one.

There are some injuries that only require the need for a wheelchair for a very short time. Some broken bones require patients not to walk or put stress on the injury for a short period. In cases such as these, buying a wheelchair for such a short time would not make sense. It is a much better idea to rent a wheelchair if the disability is temporary. Wheelchair rental may also be covered under insurance plans.

When travelling on vacation by plane, those with difficulty may want to rent a smaller motorized wheelchair to help make boarding and check-in lines much easier. Lines can be unexpectedly long and long waits will be much less painful with the aid of a wheelchair. Some airlines even offer an inexpensive service for wheelchair rentals to their passengers, including day rentals that will have a wheelchair waiting at every lay over and stop. Cruise ships will also have scooter rentals available for their passengers so they can get around the ship with ease. Car rental services often offer wheelchair rentals when renting a vehicle, and will have the latest, most convenient models available to help you get around with ease.

Always call ahead when travelling to arrange for a rented wheelchair to be ready for you when you arrive. Dragging your own wheelchair along with you on vacation can be a hassle, but renting one wherever you are travelling is convenient and carefree. Contact rental services and ask others to recommend reputable services. Check into the cost of purchasing a brand new wheelchair versus renting one. If the use of the wheelchair is going to be short term, renting one from our company will help you save money. There are many advantages to renting a wheelchair, with travelling just being one of many. If your injury or disability does not require the use of a wheelchair for a long period of time, you should definitely consider looking into renting one from us. Vital Mobility makes wheelchair rental quick and easy, click here to contact us today!