How Much Does a Wheelchair Cost?

How much does a wheelchair cost?

That is a question that prospective customers ask us on a daily basis. When most of us think of a wheelchair, we envision two large wheels and two small casters affixed to a comfortable seating surface. However, due to the large variety of wheelchairs available to accommodate individuals’ very different needs, we can begin by telling you that the cost of a wheelchair can run from $300 all the way up to the many thousands of dollars. What determines a wheelchair’s price? We need to find out what you’re looking for, but the two main factors are construction and features.


Basic wheelchairs, which are mostly catered to recovery and occasional users, are often built out of steel. Steel wheelchairs are economical and durable — that’s why you’ll find that most rental wheelchairs are made from this material. Their main advantage is that they come at the smallest price-tag, but the largest deterrent for owning and operating a steel wheelchair is the weight (between 35-40 lbs). Their heavier frame isn’t particularly easy to fold and transport.  The most popular wheelchair material without a doubt, however, is aluminum. Aluminum wheelchairs and combination Aluminum-Carbon Fiber wheelchairs weigh around 20 lbs, are extremely sturdy and resist corrosion very well. All these features make them ideal for everyday and outdoor use.  In the upper range for wheelchairs, are Titanium wheelchairs and Carbon Fiber wheelchairs. Whereas these models are extremely durable and light, they are seldom employed for everyday use. These kinds of wheelchairs are the perfect choice for playing sports like wheelchair basketball or racing.


Once you begin to learn about wheelchairs, you also start to realize that the variety of features available in these devices is nothing short of overwhelming. A basic, steel frame wheelchair will have the option of elevating footrests and armrests that can be removed or lowered. As you move up into the aluminum and carbon fiber categories, wheelchairs can be customized to the users’ exact needs. An everyday user will need customized cushioning in the buttocks and back areas. A person with little to no mobility will need additional support for their body– including the head and neck. They will also be able to tilt or recline their chair to better position their bodies.

With so many options to consider, the cost of a wheelchair will vary quite a bit depending on your needs. When considering the use of a wheelchair, it is always most advisable to visit a registered physiotherapist or occupational therapist to make sure that your mobility requirements are being addressed.  They will also recommend any government funding that could help finance your device. The team at Vital Mobility is highly knowledgeable about the entire range of wheelchairs and can help you, along with that information, to find the perfect device to give you the mobility you need.




Thought power wheelchairs are only for outdoors use? Think again!

When we think of a power wheelchair, we often think of them as a convenient device for getting around outdoors– a mix of comfort with speed that make any trip around the neighourhood a breeze. But you may be surprised to learn that power wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs are a great choice for individuals who are looking for mobility in the comfort of their own homes.

Here’s why:

mother driving jazzy power wheelchair by pride medical
Jazzy by Pride

Regular Wheelchairs are self-propelled: Maneuvering through your home’s tight corridors or turning your manual wheelchair around when moving around your house can be challenging– both due to limited physical strength you might experience and space restrictions (imagine having to rub your elbows against walls in order to move the wheels in your chair!). A power wheelchair on the other hand, allows you to move at the simple touch of a handy joystick. You can install it in the area where your dominant hand would rest– keeping your muscles and limbs relaxed and safe.

Power Wheelchairs have the very best turning radius: Whether you have previously used a manual wheelchair or a mobility scooter, you will find that neither one of these devices can turn on itself. That means that if you have to access a space like a your kitchen or bathroom– which can often become very crowded by furniture and appliances– you may find these devices unsuitable and uncomfortable. Mid-wheel drive power wheelchairs for example, are a perfect choice if you are searching for a mobility aid that will provide a tight turning radius that will enable the chair to turn virtually on itself.

Power Wheelchairs are instinctive: When you get your hands on your first power wheelchairs, there’s a crucial tip that any expert will offer.

“As you begin to maneuver your wheelchair, try to visualize its movements as if they were your own.”

Because power wheelchairs have such a tight turning radius and are so highly responsive to your joystick commands, they will begin to feel more and more like they’re an extension of your body– unlike a mobility scooter which feels more like you are driving a small vehicle. If you share your home with other individuals, pets and bulky furniture in general, a power wheelchair will prove to be your best option for instinctive and accident-free movement.

Plus, as technology advances, power wheelchairs are becoming increasingly compact, nimble and even portable– meaning that people who will not be using them throughout the day, have the option of storing them under their beds or in available closet space. Vital Mobility offers a large selection of power wheelchairs, both for sale and for rent, at great pricing from North America’s leading manufacturers. We will also work with your therapist if you require a highly-customized power wheelchair to ensure that you receive the features that you need. Inquire with our customer service team today.


A Guide to Wheelchair Types – Assistive Devices Program Ontario

If you or someone you love are in the process of acquiring a wheelchair, you might have heard discussions among your doctors and therapists about which type of wheelchair you require. Wheelchairs in Canada range between Category 1 and Category 5– depending on the user’s needs and degree of mobility.

We compiled a quick and handy list for you to access, with the category requirements according to ADP (Assistive Devices Program).

Category 1 Wheelchairs: These chairs are for users who will use their wheelchair occasionally. The Standard chairs in this category weight more than 38 lbs and are often made of steel. They include accessories such as removable arms (to facilitate transfer and help near your chair to a counter-like surface) and swing away or elevating footrests. Vital Mobility retails top-quality Standard Wheelchairs– we also carry these devices in our extensive wheelchair rental program.

viper gt drive medical wheelchair type 2

Category 2 Wheelchairs: Similar to Category 1 wheelchairs, the one big difference with them is their weight. Category 2 wheelchairs are lightweight. Lightweight wheelchairs are in the 25-38 lb range and are often made of combinations of aluminum and carbon fibre. Suitable for more active wheelchair users, Category 2 wheelchairs include swingaway or elevating footrests and convenient removable arms.

Category 3 Wheelchairs:  The level of customization for your wheelchair increases significantly when you require a category 3 wheelchair. Just like Category 2s, these wheelchairs are lightweight at 25-38 lbs and come equipped with removable armrests and footrests. But because these wheelchairs are built for very active users, they also feature anti-tippers to prevent falls, an adjustable centre of gravity which is crucial in maximizing your chair’s performance and quick release axles allowing for quick and tool-free removal of the wheels.

Category 4 Wheelchairs: These wheelchairs are equipped with the same features as Category 3 wheelchairs. However, they are made in ultra-light materials (weighing less than 25 lbs) like aluminum and titanium. The most popular type of Category 4 wheelchairs is the rigid type. They are not foldable in order to minimize the use of nuts, bolts and other components that often needed to fold a chair and that weigh down the device.quickie iris tilting wheelchair type 5 wheelchair

Category 5 Wheelchairs: They’re also known as Manual Dynamic Tilt wheelchairs and are most suitable for individuals who require the tilting feature on the seat frame because they are unable to shift their body weight. Category 5 wheelchairs do not fold and feature swing-away footrests, quick release axles for easy servicing and transport, anti-tippers and adjustable-height arms that can be removed.

Many of these chairs, for first-time users, are partially covered by the government’s ADP program. Vital Mobility works with you, your family and physical or occupational therapists to complete that application and get you on the road to finding the right wheelchair for you in a timely and responsive manner.


Satisfied customers are key in home healthcare industry

Our world and the people who live in it are rapidly changing. According to Employment and Social Development Canada, in 2011– the population of Canadians 65 years of age and older was around five million. By 2036– 25 years later– that same population is expected to double to 10.4 million.  Astounding medical advancements are making it so that individuals in developed countries like ours are living longer and healthier lives. But when it comes to home healthcare and assistive devices, with the rising demand of products and services to simplify the lives of seniors, comes a new, big-box mentality to providing those services. Vital Mobility home healthcare products

Customers come through our doors every day, disappointed with the inexperienced and money-driven approach they receive when they visit some of our country’s largest mobility and home health care retailers. The expert team at Vital Mobility is committed to providing our customers with a very different experience. Whether you’re in the market for a home hospital bed, mobility scooter or home health accessories like reachers and bathroom equipment– our main focus is your satisfaction. Our valued customers are people with distinct needs; not numbers.

Many clients ask us if at the expense of great customer service comes higher prices than larger Canadian retailers. That is a great question for which we have an answer: Fantastic customer service should not cost a dime. We know our products inside/out, we deliver promptly and learn about you in order to guide you to the perfect assistive device, because we take pride in our family-owned business and truly care to help others.

By visiting our website, you will find that Vital Mobility’s prices are always at not only at par, but very often beat our competitors. Plus, we’re just one of the few home healthcare suppliers who advocate for price transparency in the market. You will find the prices of all of our devices as well as shipping charges and taxes clearly listed on

As the reality of our world continues to evolve, our mission is to keep a people-driven business, people-centric. The team at Vital Mobility looks forward to serving you with retail and rentals of home healthcare equipment and mobility devices in the Toronto area and beyond.

Transport Chairs- A great wheelchair choice for your on-the-go summer adventures

Going through recovery from surgery or lacking the mobility necessary to explore the outdoors can be frustrating when summertime approaches. The beautiful weather and natural beauty of our surroundings are a feast for our eyes—tired of seeing the grey and white winter landscape.

A fantastic choice for mobility-impaired individuals who are looking to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends to the fullest can be as simple as considering the rental or purchase of a transport chair.

transport chair
A light, compact transport chair

Standard wheelchairs are a great way for an individual to get around. However, if someone else is able to propel the person sitting on the chair—the lighter and more compact transport chair can come in handy. Transport wheelchairs have four small casters, that when compared to a larger and heavier standard wheelchair, makes them all-too-easy to transport in a car and store at home.

A transport chair for rent, for example, can be easily folded by lifting up the centre of the seat fabric, and fit into the trunk of even the smallest cars in the market. Going for a nice stroll at the park or a quick visit to the mall with a loved one or a caregiver? Then your aluminum transport chair will provide you with the comfort and flexibility you both require. Their feather-light frame weights no more than 16lbs—therefore, decreasing the physical demands of your caregiver. Their back-wheel break function allows for flawless transfers between different seating surfaces.

Vital Mobility’s large fleet of colourful transport chairs can truly make a difference between recovery and life inside the home and a more upbeat, active summer enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds that Canada has to offer. Do you have questions about our wheelchairs for rent and wheelchairs for sale? Our customer service team will be happy to assist you in locating the perfect device for your needs.