Options for Making Your Home More Accessible

At Vital Mobility, we strive to bring intuitive and convenient accessibility into your everyday life. That’s why we offer the latest and greatest mobility and home healthcare devices to suit your every need. However, when mobility devices are not enough to achieve optimal accessibility at home, our expert team can help you make changes to the place where you live that will help you live a more comfortable life.

Savaria stairliftFor example, individuals living in houses in Canada will often have to climb up one or more flights of stairs. This simple task for some, can present a real challenge for individuals with reduced mobility. That’s why, our company offers a wide assortment of stairlifts (straight and curved), which are quickly installed on a wall adjacent to your stairs or on rails, and will help you navigate them with no troubles at all. A cushioned seat will take you up the stairs and bring you back down in safety and comfort.

Mobility-iporch lift by savariampaired individuals living in homes too, can find transfers between garages and the inside of their homes challenging as well. For example, if someone using a wheelchair gets out of his car in the garage and desires to enter his home through the garage door– they will usually find a grading difference between both spaces. Setting up a ramp would be the obvious choice. However, ramps will present a hazard when moving around the garage and will take up valuable real estate. In this case, Vital Mobility’s porch lifts will function as convenient elevators that will allow the person to roll right onto the device and at the touch of a button, move up until their wheelchair aligns with the entrance of their home.

When it comes to accessing one’s porch from the street, grading can also be an issue. Porch lifts are an excellent choice for solving that problem. However, if an individual is looking for a more budget-friendly and possibly temporary option, the installation of a metallic ramp might be an optimal choice for them. Accessibility ramps come in different widths and lengths– depending on the number of steps and incline of the entrance to your home. Our ramps are foldable, light-weight and durable; many of them can even fit into a convenient carry bag!

If you’re considering making your home more accessible, Vital Mobility is here to help. Our accessibility specialists will be happy to pay you a visit for a free, in-home estimate that will leave you feeling informed about your choices and confident about our expertise.