Introducing new Polar Care Cube from Breg

Breg Polar Care CubeVital Mobility is happy to introduce the “coolest” addition to our selection of Cold Therapy Products – Polar Care Cube from Breg.

Cold therapy helps to reduce pain and swelling in people recovering from surgery or orthopedic injuries. Polar Care Cube provides a much better comfort and convenience then gel packs or ice. It comes with wrap-on pads for any specific injured area or multi-use pad. Just add water and ice to the Cube, sit back and feel pain and swelling go away! Doctors readily recommend cold therapy as a post-operative treatment to reduce recovery time and need for pain medication.

The Polar Care Cube also helps to manage discomfort and pain after physical therapy or vigorous workout. The pad delivers a constant comfortable temperature right where you need it without mess and fuss.

Lightweight, compact, quiet and easy to use, Polar Care Cube could be a wise investment for post-surgery or post-trauma patient or for competitive athlete.

If you would like to have more information please stop by one of our locations and see Polar Care Cube in action.