A Guide to Finding the Perfect Commode for You

The bathroom commode is a very convenient product for individuals who cannot transport themselves into their bathrooms in order to carry out their toileting activities. All commodes in the market have a few features in common: they’re adjustable metallic frames that contain– at toilet height– a circular seat with a hole (just like a regular toilet). Commodes come equipped with a bucket that can be used with the device if the individual cannot access their bathroom.

Other than these common characteristics, there are countless– different– types of commodes equipped with different features meant to cater to different kinds of users. The team at Vital Mobility has compiled a few categories to provide you with more information:

The Stationary Commode: This kind of commode owes its name to its lack of wheels. Stationary commodes are the most light-weight option. Many of them can be easily folded-up for ease of transportation. Most stationary commodes are constru

Shower commode by drive medical
Rehab Shower Commode

cted from durable steel and feature padded arms and a plastic seat with back. Users can choose to position these commodes anywhere in their homes or healthcare facility for use with a bucket or over a toilet for added comfort or height.

The Commode on Wheels: The wheeled commode is a highly practical option that is easier to transport between different areas of your home than a stationary commode. Their durable casters are suitable for placement on different surfaces. Many of these commodes feature drop arms– that can be re-positioned in order to facilitate lateral patient transfers onto or out of the device. Basic wheeled commodes are very similar to stationary commodes– but more advanced models included a padded seat and back. When the commode isn’t being used for toileting, the seat can be covered by a padded seat — allowing the caregiver to employ the commode as a transport chair for indoors use instead.

The Shower Commode: At the very top of the line when it comes to commodes, is the shower commode. These specialized devices are ideal for individuals who need to roll into their shower on a commode. With a frame made out of rust-resistant aluminum or stainless steel, these versatile commodes won’t see any damage when exposed to water for extended periods of time. They come equipped with soft, waterproof seats and back-rests, swing-away footrests and the option of four small casters (transport chair) or a wheelchair configuration with two larger wheels at the back. Other, more advanced shower commodes also bring tilting options and headrests.

We hope that the above information helps to inform your decision when it comes to purchasing a commode for yourself or a loved one. If you have any questions, our expert team can always be contacted at 647-430-7176 for more information.

Options for Making Your Home More Accessible

At Vital Mobility, we strive to bring intuitive and convenient accessibility into your everyday life. That’s why we offer the latest and greatest mobility and home healthcare devices to suit your every need. However, when mobility devices are not enough to achieve optimal accessibility at home, our expert team can help you make changes to the place where you live that will help you live a more comfortable life.

Savaria stairliftFor example, individuals living in houses in Canada will often have to climb up one or more flights of stairs. This simple task for some, can present a real challenge for individuals with reduced mobility. That’s why, our company offers a wide assortment of stairlifts (straight and curved), which are quickly installed on a wall adjacent to your stairs or on rails, and will help you navigate them with no troubles at all. A cushioned seat will take you up the stairs and bring you back down in safety and comfort.

Mobility-iporch lift by savariampaired individuals living in homes too, can find transfers between garages and the inside of their homes challenging as well. For example, if someone using a wheelchair gets out of his car in the garage and desires to enter his home through the garage door– they will usually find a grading difference between both spaces. Setting up a ramp would be the obvious choice. However, ramps will present a hazard when moving around the garage and will take up valuable real estate. In this case, Vital Mobility’s porch lifts will function as convenient elevators that will allow the person to roll right onto the device and at the touch of a button, move up until their wheelchair aligns with the entrance of their home.

When it comes to accessing one’s porch from the street, grading can also be an issue. Porch lifts are an excellent choice for solving that problem. However, if an individual is looking for a more budget-friendly and possibly temporary option, the installation of a metallic ramp might be an optimal choice for them. Accessibility ramps come in different widths and lengths– depending on the number of steps and incline of the entrance to your home. Our ramps are foldable, light-weight and durable; many of them can even fit into a convenient carry bag!

If you’re considering making your home more accessible, Vital Mobility is here to help. Our accessibility specialists will be happy to pay you a visit for a free, in-home estimate that will leave you feeling informed about your choices and confident about our expertise.

How everyday living essentials can ease your life!

The field of home healthcare and assistive devices is filled to the brim with ingenuity that aims to facilitate the daily life of patients whose mobility is impaired. When patients are undergoing recovery or have lost some of their mobility due to a health condition or age, going about their everyday tasks can become challenging. The mere act of entering the shower can put their well-being at risk, and many may not have the ability to brush their own hair or put on their socks independently. Luckily, a wide variety of products for dressing, eating and homemaking continue to be developed to address those impairments and make sure that those individuals can find freedom in their daily lives. Here are some categories of daily living products that could be of interest to you or loved ones who may be looking for simple and convenient accessibility solutions:

bathroom safety
Bath rail by Drive

1. Bathroom safety equipment: From toileting to bathing, there exist hundreds of devices to help make those experiences easy and safe. People who have a hard time entering their bath or shower, can benefit from installing non-slip tub-rails and safety bars that will provide support and stability. Bath chairs and transfer benches allow individuals to sit down during bathing– a bath chair is a free standing, non-slip structure inside your bathtub or shower. A transfer bench helps to move an individual in a sitting position from outside to inside the tub. Additionally, devices like long sponges, extended combs and brushes can make it easy for a movement-impaired person to carry out their daily hygene with ease.

2. Dressing and sock donning devices: Getting dressed can be a challenge for many individuals but products like the convenient sock aid and extended shoe horns can take away the strain from some of those activities– no need to bend over to put on your shoes or socks. Button-hooks can help ease the task of buttoning your shirts, blouses or cuffs. Reachers can help you find different accessories or articles of clothing in your closet without having to stretch or climb on chairs.

3. Feeding and cooking products: Self-sufficient individuals may find it straining to carry out household chores like cooking or cleaning the bathroom. Self-feeding can also be trying.  In the kitchen, a one-touch can opener can be very convenient as well as a one-handed magic grip jar opener. Counter stools, also known as perching stools, can provide an ergonomic surface where to rest your body while cooking or cleaning the kitchen. When it comes to eating, combination forks and spoons and anti-slip plates and place-mats can help you create a mess-free dining experience. For cleaning–extended toilet brushes, extended dusters and telescopic dustpans and brooms can take away much of the physical exertion associated with those activities.

Vital Mobility is your source for all of these devices and more. Our team’s top priority is to find ways to work with you, your loved ones or therapists to find the best selection of products to suit your lifestyle. We look forward to helping you with the best dressing, eating and homemaking devices in the market.

Break Out Your Sunglasses – Spring Is On Its Way!

Spring is coming – and with the changing of the seasons there comes the much-anticipated change in weather we’ve all been waiting for so long. This has been a brutal winter for everyone, but the nasty weather that’s done everything from knocking out power to freezing pipes to icing over roadways and sidewalks has been particularly hard on those whose mobility is already compromised. Walking outside, or trying to navigate the sidewalks of the city, is a difficult enough proposition when there’s just a little bit of snow and ice on the ground, or when the light starts to disappear earlier and earlier in the evening. But when you find yourself experiencing a serious mobility-limiting condition – whether it’s due to a chronic ailment like arthritis, an acute injury, or anything else – the prospect of getting around outside in the harsh winter weather can seem downright impossible.

At Vital Mobility, our mission is to provide the highest quality of life to every single one of our customers, no matter what their issues, and we are firm believers that a large portion of that quality of life comes from being able to go wherever you want and do whatever you please, to the fullest possible extent. In the wintertime, we do our best to help our customers navigate the difficult terrain outdoors, but often end up selling far more devices like lift chairs – things that help people stay comfortable when they’re relegated to staying inside and waiting out the winter.

Break out picAll of this is a major part of why we’re so happy that spring is finally here! There’s only so much we can do to help you get around in the winter, but once the sidewalks are safer, visibility is better, and the weather is actually pleasant, there’s nothing we love more than helping our customers to navigate the outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy what it’s like to be fully mobile again.

We sell a range of devices and equipment that are perfectly suited to anyone looking to make their springtime as exciting and fun-filled as possible. From rollators and standard walkers to can help you navigate difficult terrain, to knee walkers, crutches and canes that make the prospect of getting around far less daunting, to electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs for those who need some extra assistance, we have everything anyone with compromised mobility could need to get around outside in comfort and style.

When you buy your equipment from Vital Mobility, you can rest assured you’re dealing with professionals who have exceptional industry knowledge, as well as all of your needs and best interests at heart. We want nothing more than to see all of our customers out, enjoying their freedom and all the beauty and wonder that brand new spring weather can bring. By the time you’ve made your purchase, all you’ll have to be worried about is getting some sunscreen and a sweet new pair of sunglasses in preparation for the summer heat! Contact us today by phone or online and let us help you figure out exactly what you need to get out there and start enjoying the season.


Everyone Should Feel Safe In Their Bathroom – Let Equipment From Vital Mobility Help

It’s important to feel secure in every room in your home, but when it comes to your bathroom, this fact is doubly true. The bathroom is a room we visit a number of times during the day, and feeling like it’s a dangerous space or wanting to avoid it will only have a negative impact on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. No matter what your mobility-limiting issues might be, you should be able to feel safe and comfortable every single time you set foot in your own bathroom, no matter what. Unfortunately, it’s a room that is also full of safety hazards and dangerous spots that can harm anyone, regardless of their level of mobility. That’s why we are proud to offer a wide range of bathroom safety products to help ensure that every time you use the bathroom in your home, you can do so in comfort, safety and style.

The shower or tub is one of the most common places where bathroom-related injuries can occur, and fear of slipping and falling can sometimes keep people from bathing as much as they’d like. At Vital Mobility, we understand that part of mobility isn’t just being physically free to move more easily – it’s about feeling free to use any part of your home at any time you might desire. That’s why we offer a wide range of products to help ease your transition in and out of your tub or shower. Our bath mats are textured in order to help you feel safe stepping into and out of the tub, and even offer additional options for comfort like textured massage zones, to help relax your feet, or a temperature indicator to help you know if your bathwater is at a comfortable temperature before you get in! We also offer safety rails, bath lifts, transfer benches and shower chairs to help anyone get in and out of the bath with ease, regardless of their level of mobility.

Everyone should feel picWe also offer a range of grab bars that, once installed, will provide you with additional safety and peace of mind you need to feel comfortable in your bathroom whether you’re in the tub or using any other facility. Our toilet safety frame offers an additional level of assistance by providing a sturdy, reliable frame with armrests for clients who may need a little extra help sitting and standing.

Our goal at Vital Mobility is to help you feel as comfortable as possible in every single part of your home and life, including your bathroom. If you’re interested in making a change to your bathroom, contact us, and together we’ll help make sure you feel safe and secure in one of the most crucial rooms in your house.