A Guide to Finding the Perfect Commode for You

The bathroom commode is a very convenient product for individuals who cannot transport themselves into their bathrooms in order to carry out their toileting activities. All commodes in the market have a few features in common: they’re adjustable metallic frames that contain– at toilet height– a circular seat with a hole (just like a regular toilet). Commodes come equipped with a bucket that can be used with the device if the individual cannot access their bathroom.

Other than these common characteristics, there are countless– different– types of commodes equipped with different features meant to cater to different kinds of users. The team at Vital Mobility has compiled a few categories to provide you with more information:

The Stationary Commode: This kind of commode owes its name to its lack of wheels. Stationary commodes are the most light-weight option. Many of them can be easily folded-up for ease of transportation. Most stationary commodes are constru

Shower commode by drive medical
Rehab Shower Commode

cted from durable steel and feature padded arms and a plastic seat with back. Users can choose to position these commodes anywhere in their homes or healthcare facility for use with a bucket or over a toilet for added comfort or height.

The Commode on Wheels: The wheeled commode is a highly practical option that is easier to transport between different areas of your home than a stationary commode. Their durable casters are suitable for placement on different surfaces. Many of these commodes feature drop arms– that can be re-positioned in order to facilitate lateral patient transfers onto or out of the device. Basic wheeled commodes are very similar to stationary commodes– but more advanced models included a padded seat and back. When the commode isn’t being used for toileting, the seat can be covered by a padded seat — allowing the caregiver to employ the commode as a transport chair for indoors use instead.

The Shower Commode: At the very top of the line when it comes to commodes, is the shower commode. These specialized devices are ideal for individuals who need to roll into their shower on a commode. With a frame made out of rust-resistant aluminum or stainless steel, these versatile commodes won’t see any damage when exposed to water for extended periods of time. They come equipped with soft, waterproof seats and back-rests, swing-away footrests and the option of four small casters (transport chair) or a wheelchair configuration with two larger wheels at the back. Other, more advanced shower commodes also bring tilting options and headrests.

We hope that the above information helps to inform your decision when it comes to purchasing a commode for yourself or a loved one. If you have any questions, our expert team can always be contacted at 647-430-7176 for more information.