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Posture Medic Original Strength

Posture Medic


  • Progressive rehabilitation through dynamic stretching and strengthening program
  • User learns and graduates at own pace
  • Sizes and strengths suitabe for all sizes and physical abilities
  • Users learn about the health benefits associated with correct posture

The Original Strength is designed for individuals with both inactive and active lifestyles to stretch and strengthen the upper shoulder girdle, and return the user to correct postural positioning. Great for re-hab and pre-hab to assist in recovery from and/or avoidance of injury, and for re-enforcement of correct posture during day to day activities.

Correcting your posture can:
• Increase blood flow to and from the heart
• Reduce blood pressure and increase circulation
• Improve breathing and diaphragm function
• Open throat and windpipe
• Reduce stress on lower and upper back
• Increase range of motion
• Reduce the liklihood of spinal conditions like herniated discs
• Reduce pressure to kidneys, stomach, colon & other organs
• Improve cerebrospinal (brain stem) fluid flow
• Reduce dizziness, headaches and “pins & needles”
• Reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other joint damage
• Improve nerve signals from the spine
• Promote proper growth development in children
• Reduce fatigue and positively impact sleep

Posture Medic

Available in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. See Chart below to determine your size.

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