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Vital Mobility

Patient Lift

The Hoyer Lift is a sturdy and reliable patient lift that makes the sometimes complicated task of patient transfer easier for everyone involved. For patients whose mobility is limited, a sling lift can mean the difference between a difficult, cumbersome day-to-day routine and a comfortable lifestyle. Caregivers will also find that a Hoyer lift makes their work far easier. Our patient lifts are comfortable, convenient and affordable.

The patient Hoyer lift is relatively simple to operate, and can be used by any caregiver once they have been trained. The patient is placed comfortably in a sling, which is fastened to a hydraulic mechanism that could be manually or battery operated by a series of secure hooks and attachments. When the patient and caregiver are ready, the patient can be lifted up and transferred to a new position and eased out of the sling once the transfer is complete. Hoyer lifts offer a safe and simple way to take the stress out of patient transfer.

Key Features

The Battery Powered Patient Hoyer Lift is ideal for homecare use.
It provides a fast, easy charge from AC outlet. To charge, simply plug in unit.
Battery does not need to be removed to be charged.
Lift will not operate while plugged in to ensure safety.
Made from heavy gauge construction.
Jumbo actuator pump with emergency button can switch to manual mode to lower patients down safely.
Features an audible warning when battery power falls below 50%.
The "CHARGE" light will automatically shut off when battery is fully charged.
Foldable mast and base make for easy storage and transportation.
For use with 4 point and 2 point slings. Wide base provides additional stability.

Vital Mobility

Patient Lift Specifications

Boom Max Height 76"
Boom Min Height 27.5"
Base Width (open) 41"
Base Width (closed) 15"
Base Height 4.5"
Base Clearance 2"
Casters 3" Front / 4" Rear
Product Weight 106 lbs
Weight Capacity 400 lbs
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