Cold therapy for double knee surgery with Breg Polar Care Cube

Cold therapy treatment (or cryotherapy) is an increasingly popular recovery means for individuals who have undergone surgery to their joints- like knee, wrist, shoulder or ankle interventions. Most of these surgeries are delivered one extremity at a time, but in some cases– a double surgery is required. If that is the case and the patient requires cold therapy during their post-op treatment, Breg’s Polar Care Cube system with a Y adapter allows you to deliver treatment to both joints, with only one cryotherapy device.

The cold therapy system is easy to use and is compact and light enough to use at home and in the hospital. Once you fill the device with ice and water, the Polar Care Cube’s motorized pump will deliver uninterrupted cold therapy for 6-8 hours. Orthopedic surgeons often recommend this device since it assists in relieving post-operative pain and swelling at a comfortable temperature that won’t sting like that of an ice or gel pack. breg polar care cube cold therapy system

When it comes to undergoing a double surgery– like a knee intervention– it is often instinctive to think of renting or purchasing two separate cooler units. However, the optional Y adapter allows you to connect your Polar Care Cube to two cuffs for simultaneous treatment. Not only is this option a lot more convenient and less cumbersome than using two devices, but it also a more cost efficient option if you are planning to purchase the system.

Vital Mobility offers the Breg Polar Care Cube at an excellent price and our team will make it available to you or your patients within a day from the time you place your order. To learn more about this cold therapy system or to check out our selection of other, similar products visit