Sleep In Comfort No Matter Where You Go with an Air Mattress

When it comes to comfort, Vital Mobility Medical Supplies has got what it takes to get the peace of mind you always wanted. We are Canadian medical supplier professionals who deliver quality medical equipment, including medical air mattresses, to the public without costing an arm and a leg. We understand how painful back problems can be and we want to help make sure you wake up well-rested and in total comfort.

Back pain is usually associated with pains originating from various parts of the body internally and externally. The spine is one of the major bones in the human body, and it just so happens to be in your back. Whether you are lying down to take a nap, or going to sleep for the night, we know how many people suffer from back pain each year. The numbers are higher than you might think, and according to estimates, 5 out of 10 people suffer from back pain or associated symptoms every year.

Our medical air mattress is one of the few therapeutic comfort mattresses that actually help with back pain so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and feel much more energetic and healthy the next day. One of the amazing air mattresses we have includes the Mason LS9000, an therapeutic mattress that helps prevent and treat pressure sores from extended bed use. With 10 comfort settings and an exclusive pulsate mode, this mattress will provide you with the support and comfort you need.

Back pain is divided into 4 different areas, from your whole back to the neck, upper back and lower back. Our air mattress technology allowed us to create an easier way for our customers to deal with their pain while in bed, and through studies based on individuals with severe lower back pain and other back related pains, the improvement can be noticed after the very first night.

The medical air mattress can be moved very easily by adding and removing the air, which can be done automatically. Having a mobile air mattress means no more uncomfortable sleeps when you aren’t at home in your own bed. The air mattresses can provide each individual continuous treatment night after night no matter where you are. When inflated, each mattress is lightweight and can be easily carried and transported. We believe that durability is a must when it comes to mattresses, and air mattresses should be no different in sturdiness and comfort. As a long-lasting, comfortable and therapeutic stress reliever that can be taken anywhere, you can experience  the comfort of a back pain reliving mattress anywhere you go.

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