How You Can Get Hospital Amenities In Your Home

For individuals who are caring for loved ones with a chronic illness at home and those individuals who remain self-sufficient in caring for themselves with a progressive illness, the quality of life becomes pivotal to daily existence. The industry of home health care has made it possible for patients to be comfortable and safe in their homes with durable medical equipment such as electric beds, hospital beds, electric scooters, wheelchairs and other equipment. We are proud providers of durable medical equipment to help patients returning home. It is important to become knowledgeable about the industry and how it works in order to better accommodate patients in need of home care medical equipment.

One piece of equipment that is highly utilized in home care is the hospital bed. Hospital beds are available in both manual cranking and electric operation. You will need a prescription and a medical necessity form on file in order to receive this equipment, unless you are paying out of pocket. Most of these beds resemble a twin bed and are structured with heavy metal components. Manual hospital beds require that you use the hand crank to change bed positions; while electric beds require a remote control to operate the functions. Your health care provider can assist you with the decision in selecting an electric bed or manual hospital bed to fit your needs. For more information on hospital beds please visit:

Home health care has rapidly advanced in developments over the years. These developments have allowed patients to be mobile and do as much as anyone else. Electric scooters are an example of this advancement. Electric scooters allow people to shop, take public transportation and even go on vacations. An option to rent or buy any durable medical equipment is available based on variable factors. These factors are length of rental period, value of resale capability and frequency of repair or service to the equipment. Monthly rental cost and upfront cost should be compared as well. Higher upfront cost for purchasing equipment may not offset the need for a lower monthly rental for a patient on a fixed income. For more information on electric mobility scooter rentals please visit:

Our staff at Vital Mobility Medical Supplies Inc. is highly knowledgeable about each of our products and is more than happy to provide any additional information you may need for yourself or for a patient you care for. Making the transition between hospital and home easy is our mission.