Five Big Benefits Of Owning a Lift Chair Recliner

Pride Mobility Lift ChairAs a person ages, few home health care products become as life-changing as a reclining lift chair. When we speak to our customers, especially those experiencing leg, hip and back pain, they often tell us that one of the hardest movements for them to make is to sit down on a chair and eventually get back up. The mere action of sitting demands that a person use her core muscles, hips and legs to complete the movement. That is where a lift chair can be of great assistance.

Below, are 5 benefits that you should consider if you are in the market for a lift chair for yourself or a loved one.

  1. A helping hand: Individuals who have a limited range of mobility, often experience lack of balance when it comes to sitting down and standing up. In some cases, another person is required in order to help that person carry out those movements safely. The lift recliner introduces a whole new level of independence. At the simple touch of a button, the seat can be lowered or raised in order to gradually, help the person achieve the position they desire.
  2. The most comfortable sitting surface: Whether you are looking to read a book, entertain friends, watch TV or knit, the lift recliner is the perfect sitting surface for you to carry out any of those activities. Beyond their ability to help the person sit and stand, lift chairs have adjustable backrests and footrests. Three position and infinite position lift chairs, particularly, give you the option of operating those two sections independently. Imagine you have a friend over and need to have your legs raised in order to reduce swelling. Your back can be upright while your footrest comes up to offer the perfect level of comfort.
  3. A safe napping surface: Lift recliners– especially those with infinite position capabilities– are a perfect spot to rest. Their ability to achieve a Zero Gravity position helps to align your spine, allows you to breathe better and improve your circulation while you rest in a perfectly horizontal position. Individuals who live with respiratory issues, like COPD or other lung conditions, can benefit from sleeping with the backrest in a slightly raised position (another option for those individuals is a home hospital bed).
  4. Make it your own: When we think of home health products, we often think of institutional-looking devices– crafted from very simple materials in sad and monotonous colours. But when it comes to lift chairs, that is definitely no longer the case. Lift chairs come in a variety of colours for you to choose from– which you can easily match to your decor. They are also manufactured in different models and fabric materials. Are the couches in your living room leather? You can definitely find a matching, upholstered lift chair to suit that style.
  5. Quality and durability: Lift chairs by factories like Golden Technologies and Pride are made to last. They think of the lift chair recliner as a device you will use several times a day, on a daily basis. That is why they are built with ultra-durable and easy-to-clean fabric materials and come with limited lifetime and 7-year warranties respectively.

If you are looking for a great medical lift chair at an unbeatable price, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Vital Mobility. If you are looking for a recliner lift chair for recovery from surgery or injury, feel free to look at our lift chair rental options— ideal for short term needs if you live in Toronto and the GTA.

How a Lift Chair will help your C-Section Recovery

Cesarean sections account for close to 30 per cent of live births in Canada. They’re performed for various reasons– some c-sections are elective and others help to avoid possible complications with the baby or the mother. What very few women know until they leave the operating room, is that c-section recovery is not only painful, but it also limits your range of motion. Doctors often recommend that you don’t lift or drive for four to six weeks post-partum. One great device to help you rest and relieve the pain in your abdominal area is a medical lift chair rental from Vital Mobility in the Toronto area.

mother with baby on lift chairDuring a c-section, doctors cut many layers of skin, fat and supportive tissue. Even though the procedure under local or general anesthetic is painless, once those layers are sewn back together you will be recovering from major abdominal surgery. The mere acts of standing up from your bed or a chair and finding a comfortable position to feed your child will be challenging. That is why, the medical lift chair, with it’s unparalleled ability to recline (offering incredible comfort) and assist you to an almost-standing position, will help to take much of the pressure off your healing body.

Here are some great uses for lift chairs during the first month after you undergo a c-section:

  • Lift up to standing and help you sit down: With the simple touch of a button, a lift chair can give you the support you need to slowly and painlessly lower your body down to a sitting position independently. That same motion, in reverse, will help to take you all the way from a fully-reclined position up to an almost vertical standing stance. Imagine soothing your child or even sitting down with a book or tablet knowing that you do not require assistance to do so!
  • Ideal for feeding baby: Breastfeeding in particular, can be challenging while recovering from a cesarean. Your abdominal muscles are weak, making you more prone to assuming an uncomfortable, hunched over posture that can lead to muscle tension. The reclining lift chair’s back can go as far back as you need it to, and it’s leg rest comes up to a horizontal position. The lift chair is the perfect device to help you find a great feeding position that will work for both you and baby.
  • Nighttime Sleep: After undergoing a c-section and returning home from the hospital, finding a comfortable position to sleep in can be a challenge. Turning in bed will be painful, as will standing up to use the bathroom or to feed your child. Many Vital Mobility customers, especially in the first few days after the procedure, will sleep on an infinite position lift chair– which allows you to recline all the way back to a sleeping position. Not only can they find a cozy spot to rest on, but by placing the baby’s bassinet next to the lift chair, they’ll be able to bring themselves up to sitting with not trouble at all.

If a c-section is part of your birth plan, the Vital Mobility family is always available to help you ready a great lift chair for rent for your return home from the hospital. Moms undergoing emergency c-sections need not worry either, as our team can deliver a lift chair to your place the next day after you call.

For information about lift chairs for c-section recovery in Toronto, please call us at 647-430-7176 or visit



Recovering comfortably: 5 reasons why a Medical Lift Chair rental can help during post-op

During the first week or two after undergoing major abdominal and joint surgery, many patients experience weakness in their muscles, hips or knees. As wounds heal and you regain your strength, you may find one of the most challenging movements to make will be to get up or lower yourself into a seated position. That is where a medical lift chair comes in most handy for your recovery.

Here are a few ways in which choosing to rent a lift chair when you return home from the hospital will help you:

  1. A lift chair’s basic function- the Lift: The simple actions of lowering your body onto a chair or standing up can become challenging when you cannot make proper use of your abdominal or leg muscles and lower body joints. That’s why, the lift chair’s gentle upwards and forward and downwards and backward motion will be of invaluable assistance as it will relieve pressure in those areas of your body while helping you move to your desired position safely.lifting action lift chair
  2. Range of motion: When you are recovering from surgery, your doctors might recommend that you avoid staying in the same position for a long time– as this can weaken your muscles and stifle your progress. Resting on your bed will often be discouraged as it will leave you with little or no ability to reposition your body. That is why, by choosing a lift chair for rent, you will find options that will allow you to adjust the position of your back, arms and legs in order to maintain a more dynamic range of movement while you rest.
  3.  Relief for your caregivers: In the days immediately following your medical procedure, you might find yourself heavily relying on the help of professional caregivers or family members and friends. In order to help you stand up, for example, these individuals will have to strain their upper body muscles so as to assist you. This could present new health problems for them and could be dangerous for both the caregiver and the patient. So, renting a lift chair will not only take the pressure off your healing body, but by preventing unnecessary strain and accidental falls– it will take pressure off the people who are assisting you in your recovery.
  4. Heat and massage options: Not only do medical lift chairs provide an excellent resting surface to help you recover, but they are equipped with optional features that can accelerate your healing. Vital Mobility’s Type B Lift Chairs for rent come equipped with heat and massage options that treat your lumbar area to gently provide healing treatment to your lower back muscles and spine.
  5. Flexibility: Choosing to rent a medical lift chair means that you don’t have to commit to a large piece of furniture if you know you will be only using it on a temporary basis. The device will be delivered to your home in perfect condition upon your discharge from the hospital and will be picked up when you feel ready to resume your usual routine. Whether you choose to rent for a week or a month is up to you- when it comes to renting a lift chair, leave the rest to us!


Lift Chair Rentals in Toronto and the GTA- 5 things to look for when working with an online supplier

The comfort that a lift chair rental can bring to your recovery process and daily well being, especially during the winter months, is almost unparalleled. If you have undergone spinal surgery or abdominal surgery, if you recently experienced a hip or knee replacement, or if you have trouble sleeping in a fully lay-down position and have no room for a hospital bed, a lift chair rental Toronto might be right for you. 

At Vital Mobility we retail and rent lift chairs. Here are five tips that will help you make you or a loved one make a great rental decision that will add significant quality of life to your everyday.

prideliftchair1- Look for Value for your Money: When you opt for a rental program, because you are almost certain that you will only need the recliner lift chair for a limited amount of time, you want to make sure that you’ll be getting the very best product you can for the weekly or monthly rental price that you’re quoted. For example, Vital Mobility makes sure that the chairs we carry in our rental program are either fully featured two-position chairs or infinite position lift chairs. Whereas two-positions will be ideal for a person who needs to go as far back as a “napping position”– around a 150 degree recline, infinite positions (which function with two independent motors instead) will allow you to lean back into a 180 degree incline or zero gravity position– making them ideal for extended sleep.

2- Maintenance is Key: As is the case with any rental program in Toronto, and as we mentioned before especially during the winter, our lift chairs are often in heavy rotation. Before renting one of these medical devices, make sure that your supplier how well maintained the lift chairs are. Do they exchange the upholstery in case of any messes? Are the motors in great functioning order and the remotes replaced regularly in order to ensure maximum functionality?

3- Delivery Options: Our lift chairs for rent can easily fit into the back of a pick-up truck or large SUV. But if you do not count with the manpower to pick up the device from our location, we highly recommend that you consider hiring our white-glove delivery service. Our team of expert technicians will bring the lift chair right to your door– whether you’re living at home, at a retirement community or at a recovery facility– and we’ll set it up for you to use. Once your rental period has ended, our team will return to pick up the chair.

4- Your responsibility, and ours: When you rent a device from Vital Mobility Home Healthcare, you can rest assured that if anything goes wrong with your lift chair– and the damage wasn’t caused by misuse or abuse of the device– our technical team will pay you a free visit, within 24 hours, to make sure that the product is quickly returned to perfect working order or exchanged. Your satisfaction is our priority.

5- Quick access to your products: Vital Mobility carries dozens of reclining lift chairs in its extensive rentals program. We know how these devices are making a difference in your lives and want to be your number one source for high quality, quick rentals. Call us today at 647-430-7176 or make your reservation at for quick turnaround– we often deliver within 24 hours!


Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas from Vital Mobility

With the holidays right around the corner you might need to shop for an elderly or mobility-impaired family member or friend. There’s many gifting options available in the market that can significantly contribute to their everyday living. The team at Vital Mobility wants to make holiday shopping easy for you, so we compiled a list of our Top 5 gift ideas to make the process a lot easier. (SCROLL DOWN TO GALLERY FOR PHOTOS)

  1. The NITRO Rollator: Few mobility devices look as beautiful as the Nitro rollator walker by Drive Medical. With sleek European styling and and a variety of attractive colours to choose from, the Nitro combines the best in looks and functionality. Four large flat-free tires ensure great traction in most terrains and its generous seating area and backrest give you the comfort you need when taking a break from your walk. The rollator comes equipped with a roomy basket to help you during shopping trips and concealed break wires to prevent damage and tripping.
  2.  Pride LC 525 Zero-Gravity Lift Chair: With the cold winter days just ahead of us, your loved one will
    find comfort in this revolutionary lift chair. Part of the manufacturer’s “Specialty Collection”, the LC 525 offers an infinite-position hand control that allows for the largest range of motion in the industry– from a sitting position to a 180-degree sleeping position, the chair’s two-motor mechanism provides the ultimate in versatility. Think of your loved one choosing to sit with their legs resting in a horizontal position as they read their favourite book or finding relief from congestion by choosing a sleeping position that elevates their head while angling down their legs (Trendelenburg position)- these positions are only possible with an infinite position lift chair. These features, added to the super-soft fabric selections included with this chaise lounger, make it a great gift choice this holiday season.
  3. Ventura DLX Scooter: Not too large and not too small, the Ventura deluxe scooter is just the right size to fit in your garage but is roomy and has enough range to take you on all your adventures in 2016 (up to 35 kms). The 4-wheel midsize scooter comes equipped with a comfortable captain’s seat (with cushioned back and head support) that can swivel and slide down for easy access. The Ventura also includes a full-lighting package with turn signals, parking blinkers and a headlight as well as readview mirrors for added safety. With intuitive controls that make it easy to use and your choice of interchangeable blue or red face-plates, this scooter offers great value for your money that doesn’t compromise on quality nor style!
  4. Lightweight Aluminum Transport Chair: These economical transport chairs are the perfect addition to the lives of individuals who find it challenging to walk unassisted. Whether a loved one needs a transport chair to be tak
    en to the doctor’s office, on a trip to the mall or around the neighbourhood, our lightweight aluminum transport chairs offer unparalleled convenience. You can easily fold them and store them in the trunk of your car, a closet at home or even under a bed! Not only will your loved one benefit from this handy mobility aid but they’ll be able to choose among a selection of attractive colours to brighten up their winter (red, blue or black!).
  5. EmbraceAIRPlus Back Support: If you suffer from back or neck problems, the prospect of driving your car or sitting on a chair to do your work may present an ergonomic nightmare. In comes the Canadian-made EmbraceAIR Plus back support, allowing you to decide just how much support you need for your back. An internal air bolster can be positioned up or down to give you the proper level of lumbar support. Afterwards, squeeze the attached air bulb to inflate the cushion until you find the perfect position for your spine– you can modify the angle of your back up to 18 degrees! (Call 647-430-7176 for pricing and more info!)

Looking for other products or need more info about the devices we listed above? Visit or call us at 647-430-7176 today!