Home Hospital Beds: To Buy or Rent?

Hospital Beds Rent or Buy

Home hospital beds for home use are a great way of providing your loved ones with safety and comfort as they recover from surgery, injury or convalesce. There can be many health benefits to using a home hospital bed. They come in different configurations and are equipped with features to address every type of need. But when it comes to deciding whether renting or buying a home hospital bed is the best idea, there are three important factors to consider.

Hospital Beds Rent or Buy

Below are the Measure 3 Reasons to Buy or Rent Hospital beds

1. Duration of Use

A person who has undergone abdominal surgery and is on track towards a speedy recovery, may only require a home hospital bed for a month or two. On the other hand, a patient whose condition is slowly progressing and whose mobility is severely impaired, may need a hospital bed for an undefined time period. When looking into renting or buying a home hospital bed, think of how long it will be needed for. A hospital bed for rent will be a great choice in the first scenario– a purchase is more suitable for the latter.

2. Want to Try it First?

If you are trying to decide which bed might be most suitable for you or a loved one, you may want to consider renting an adjustable hospital bed first. Most reputable mobility companies have a selection of hospital beds for rent at different price levels. Are you looking for an economical option? Or a feature-packed device? Renting the bed you’re considering for a month or two will ensure that you’re making the right purchase decision down the road.

3. How Specific is Your Need?

Patients who live with a severe mobility impairment or acute health condition will often require home hospital beds that are highly customized to their needs. For example, someone with COPD may benefit from a bed that offers the option for the Trendelenburg position (the patient lays flat and the bed is tilted so that the legs are higher than the head). A person living with Alzheimer’s may require specialized side rails to keep them from wondering while preventing patient entrapment. In these cases, a purchase may be most adequate.

Whether you are looking to bring a hospital bed into your home temporarily or permanently, the great news is that companies like Vital Mobility offer both options and can work with different budgets to find the right fit for you. Ready to look into your options? Visit to learn more.




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