Working With The ADP Helps Us Offer You More Affordable Options

At Vital Mobility, we understand that for many people, getting the best possible mobility-assisting equipment isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. The difference between relying on others for assistance at all times and maintaining your own mobility and freedom is a massive one, and owning the right equipment can do everything to help a person regain control of their life, as well as completing the day-to-day tasks that make up a functional routine. We believe that everyone who needs it deserves the best-quality, high-grade, certified mobility equipment, which is why we’re proud to be a part of the Ontario Assistive Devices Program (ADP).

The ADP is a program put in place by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in order to help the people most in need of mobility assistive devices gain access to them. Many people are in dire need of the right equipment but may not feel it’s within their budget to seek out the devices which they’re most in need of, which is why this program exists. By providing comprehensive coverage for a wide range of crucial mobility devices and supplies to anyone with a long-term disability who is currently receiving benefits under one of Ontario’s disability support programs. There are three of these programs currently in place: Ontario Works, which provides financial support to people in temporary but serious need of help to pay for food and shelter; the Ontario Disability Support Program, which provides financial aid to those affected by physical disabilities; and the Assistance to Children with Severe Disabilities program, which provides financial assistance to parents or legal guardians of children under the age of 18 affected by severe disabilities.

The ADP works to provide qualified candidates with the assistance they need to access equipment and supplies that can make an enormous positive change to their quality of life. Given our firm belief that everyone deserves the highest possible quality of support and care, we are proud to be an authorized vendor of ADP approved and covered equipment and assistive devices. We’re happy to work with you as well as your occupational therapist to help determine exactly what the best possible device for you and your situation might be – our enormous selection of equipment includes everything from crutches, walkers, knee walkers, canes and rollators to devices like lift chairs, patient Hoyer lifts and home hospital beds. Whatever your situation, whatever level of assistance you require, we’re determined to help you find the best solution when it comes to your mobility. Working together with the ADP to provide you with equipment you can afford as well as use is one of the many ways in which we’re committed to ensuring your quality of care remains as high as possible.

Once you’ve spoken to your OT about what equipment might be the best for you, get in touch with us online, over the phone, or in person, to take a look at the wide range of equipment and supplies we have to offer, and together we can begin to decide on the devices that best suit your needs.