Why Would I Want to Rent a Hospital Bed?

For someone who doesn’t have much experience or is new to the needs of home healthcare, hospital bed rental may seem a little unorthodox.   For the average person sleeping on a bed that is rented can feel a little strange, but it is actually a very common practice in the home healthcare field.

First and foremost for those that are on a tight budget being able to rent a hospital beds means that you can get the equipment you or your loved one needs even if you are on a tight budget.  We understand that not everyone has enough disposable income or insurance to be able to secure a hospital bed when they need it.  Rental can take the stress off your wallet and you, making finances less of a concern and proper care your main focus.

If you have taken a look at hospital beds, you know that they come in a wide variety of options and builds.  You can secure a hospital bed for a very low cost, however the less money you pay the more comfort and features you must be willing to sacrifice.  If you choose to rent a hospital bed for yourself or you loved one you may be able to get a much nicer and more comfortable model while still be able to maintain a budget.  This can be especially helpful for patients who have special needs or who need electric hospital beds.

We know that working with the insurance companies can be tough for you, but we have found that renting a hospital bed versus trying to get your insurance to pay for a new one may be easier.  Ultimately most insurance companies are looking to save as much money as they can for both their clients and themselves.  Hospital bed rental gives the insurance company a lower price tag to work with and may help to increase your chances of being approved on your claim.  As we mentioned above, this means you may be able to rent a nicer bed than the insurance company would be willing to buy.

It is important for you to understand that most people who “rent” a hospital bad are usually borrowing the bed for a short period with the intention to pay for the whole thing over time.  Rental is the term used in the industry, but often times it is actually a form of leasing that many of our customers use to assist with financial needs.  Even in the event that you do rent a bed that is not brand new, understand that it comes with the standard warranties, it has been cleaned to a high level of quality, and it comes backed with our support and delivery.

At Vital Mobility, we understand that finding the right hospital bed and choosing between renting or buying can be tough.  That is why we make ourselves available to you over the phone.  If you have any questions or need help finding the right hospital bed, give us a call today, it would be our pleasure to help you!