Why So Many People Choose To Rent Wheelchairs

Over 14 percent of Canadian residents have an activity limiting disability. Although not all disabilities manifest themselves in a way that will require a wheelchair, it is estimated that approximately 1 percent of the population uses a wheelchair. There are many different illness, injuries and disabilities that lead to wheelchair use. The cost of owning a wheelchair can vary on the type of wheelchair and, in most cases, the option of renting a wheelchair may be more beneficial.

There are many different types of wheelchairs and finding the appropriate one will depend on each individual’s medical condition. Wheelchairs can be manual or electrically powered. Manual wheelchairs can come in either a folding or rigid design. Rigid type wheelchairs tend to be lighter and more easily maneuvered and should be used by more active wheelchair users. Folding wheelchairs would be an excellent choice for individuals needing to use the wheelchair for travel on a frequent basis. Many people have disabilities that make it difficult to propel themselves in a manual wheelchair and in this situation an electrically powered wheelchair may prove more useful.

Injury, spinal cord trauma, paralysis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Sclerosis, and severe heart conditions are just a few of the many reasons an individual may need a wheelchair. By providing this freedom to the patients suffering from these disabilities, they will enjoy a higher quality of life. Eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom will all become simpler and allow independence. Trips outside of the home will no longer be stressful journeys, but instead relaxing adventures. Wheelchair accessories, such as cushions, totes, baskets and lap robes will help to ensure a comfortable ride.


Wheelchairs costs can vary greatly and many times the need for the wheelchair may be temporary. This is why many people choose wheelchair rentals instead of purchasing the equipment outright. The cost of renting a wheelchair is significantly less and the terms can be arranged on a weekly, monthly, or even long term basis. Even for the individuals who are experiencing extended or permanent disabilities, they can still benefit from renting a wheelchair. While it may be cost effective to own a chair at home, when traveling or spending time away from home, it may be practical to consider wheelchair rental of a more convenient type of chair.

Many people do not have the means to purchase a wheelchair. It is not always easy to qualify for help from medical insurance to purchase this equipment. By considering wheelchair rentals, people will be opening the doors of movability. Providing a patient with a form of mobility is essentially giving the individual a chance at new opportunities which will in turn lead to a happier, healthier life.