Transport Chairs- A great wheelchair choice for your on-the-go summer adventures

Going through recovery from surgery or lacking the mobility necessary to explore the outdoors can be frustrating when summertime approaches. The beautiful weather and natural beauty of our surroundings are a feast for our eyes—tired of seeing the grey and white winter landscape.

A fantastic choice for mobility-impaired individuals who are looking to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends to the fullest can be as simple as considering the rental or purchase of a transport chair.

transport chair
A light, compact transport chair

Standard wheelchairs are a great way for an individual to get around. However, if someone else is able to propel the person sitting on the chair—the lighter and more compact transport chair can come in handy. Transport wheelchairs have four small casters, that when compared to a larger and heavier standard wheelchair, makes them all-too-easy to transport in a car and store at home.

A transport chair for rent, for example, can be easily folded by lifting up the centre of the seat fabric, and fit into the trunk of even the smallest cars in the market. Going for a nice stroll at the park or a quick visit to the mall with a loved one or a caregiver? Then your aluminum transport chair will provide you with the comfort and flexibility you both require. Their feather-light frame weights no more than 16lbs—therefore, decreasing the physical demands of your caregiver. Their back-wheel break function allows for flawless transfers between different seating surfaces.

Vital Mobility’s large fleet of colourful transport chairs can truly make a difference between recovery and life inside the home and a more upbeat, active summer enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds that Canada has to offer. Do you have questions about our wheelchairs for rent and wheelchairs for sale? Our customer service team will be happy to assist you in locating the perfect device for your needs.