Thought power wheelchairs are only for outdoors use? Think again!

When we think of a power wheelchair, we often think of them as a convenient device for getting around outdoors– a mix of comfort with speed that make any trip around the neighourhood a breeze. But you may be surprised to learn that power wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs are a great choice for individuals who are looking for mobility in the comfort of their own homes.

Here’s why:

mother driving jazzy power wheelchair by pride medical
Jazzy by Pride

Regular Wheelchairs are self-propelled: Maneuvering through your home’s tight corridors or turning your manual wheelchair around when moving around your house can be challenging– both due to limited physical strength you might experience and space restrictions (imagine having to rub your elbows against walls in order to move the wheels in your chair!). A power wheelchair on the other hand, allows you to move at the simple touch of a handy joystick. You can install it in the area where your dominant hand would rest– keeping your muscles and limbs relaxed and safe.

Power Wheelchairs have the very best turning radius: Whether you have previously used a manual wheelchair or a mobility scooter, you will find that neither one of these devices can turn on itself. That means that if you have to access a space like a your kitchen or bathroom– which can often become very crowded by furniture and appliances– you may find these devices unsuitable and uncomfortable. Mid-wheel drive power wheelchairs for example, are a perfect choice if you are searching for a mobility aid that will provide a tight turning radius that will enable the chair to turn virtually on itself.

Power Wheelchairs are instinctive: When you get your hands on your first power wheelchairs, there’s a crucial tip that any expert will offer.

“As you begin to maneuver your wheelchair, try to visualize its movements as if they were your own.”

Because power wheelchairs have such a tight turning radius and are so highly responsive to your joystick commands, they will begin to feel more and more like they’re an extension of your body– unlike a mobility scooter which feels more like you are driving a small vehicle. If you share your home with other individuals, pets and bulky furniture in general, a power wheelchair will prove to be your best option for instinctive and accident-free movement.

Plus, as technology advances, power wheelchairs are becoming increasingly compact, nimble and even portable– meaning that people who will not be using them throughout the day, have the option of storing them under their beds or in available closet space. Vital Mobility offers a large selection of power wheelchairs, both for sale and for rent, at great pricing from North America’s leading manufacturers. We will also work with your therapist if you require a highly-customized power wheelchair to ensure that you receive the features that you need. Inquire with our customer service team today.