The shower commode: Hybrid bathroom safety product offers ultimate convenience

Individuals who live with a severe mobility impairment and their caregivers, often benefit from the use of commodes—as these wheelchair-like devices can be used for transportation inside the home and to carry out toileting activities.

Commodes come in wheeled and non-wheeled configurations. Whereas some offer only a toilet-like seat with a bucket, others also offer a cushioned lid that helps the commode double as a transport chair. These devices are clearly convenient options for many patients. However, because most commodes are constructed in steel and aluminum—they are not suitable for use in the shower.

drive medical shower commodeWhat does that mean for the individual using a regular commode? During shower-time, their caregivers will have to find a way to transfer the person from the commode to either a shower chair or bath lift—this requires significant physical strength and skill. In a case like this, considering the purchase of a shower commode will bring both convenience and safety into your home.

Shower commodes are usually constructed in aluminum—just like many regular commodes- but, they are painted in a protective powdered coating that is completely waterproof. That way, when you roll your commode into the shower, you will not have to worry about possible rusting and damage to its metallic structure. The backrest and seat surfaces of the shower commode are made from durable plastic, which makes cleaning and disinfecting the device extremely easy.

Shower commodes come in a wheelchair configuration featuring two larger rear wheels to allow the patient to propel themselves in and out of the shower. They are also available in a transfer model with four small casters – ideal for a person lacking the physical strength or dexterity to use a regular wheelchair.

Additionally, people who live with a more advanced degree of disability, will benefit from tilting features. A tilting shower commode will be the perfect choice and a natural transition for a person who already uses an advanced, tilt wheelchair.

Vital Mobility features a large selection of shower commodes on its website—sourced from North America’s highest quality suppliers. Visit our website or call our store today at 647-430-7176 to explore if a shower commode could be a great option for you.