The PrimeCare Hi/Low Ultimate Bariatric Bed: Versatility at its best

If you or a loved one require mobility devices or home care products in the bariatric category (for individuals weighing approximately 300lbs or more), you will probably learn that these devices are in much shorter supply than regular-sized products.

prime care bed bariatric hi-lowThat is why, bariatric beds can also be extremely pricey compared to regular-size home hospital beds– meaning that some people will sacrifice proper support and space in order to opt for a more affordable option. If they make that choice, individuals weighing over 300 lbs will very likely find it a challenge to get comfortable on a regular, 36×80″ home hospital bed. Not only can those beds lack sufficient support for them, but they may prove to be too narrow for the person to find an optimal sleeping position.

The team at Vital Mobility’s number one priority is to pair our customers with the very best devices we can, at the most reasonable prices in the market. That is why we are proud to offer the PrimaCare Hi/Low Ultimate Bariatric Bed by Drive Medical— a home care bed that strikes the perfect balance between versatile features and price.


The bed itself has a weight capacity of 500lbs, and its sizing is highly expandable. It’s standard, 76″ length can be expanded to up to 84″. However, its most remarkable feature, is the bed’s ability to expand width-wise– from the regular sized 35″ to a more generous 42″. That feature can make all the difference in the world to a person looking for a little bit more elbow-room.

Care staff also benefit from the added width of the bed as it offers a great surface for carrying out caregiving duties or safely repositioning the patient.

Additionally, a taller and heavier patient can find great comfort in the bed’s large range of vertical motion. The bed achieves a super low height of 7″ from the floor and can reach a high, 30 1/2″ working height.

For added versatility, this home care bed comes with a Staff Control Option at the footboard which enables the bed’s Cardiac Chair and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg capabilities — ideal for rehab and institutional care as it aids in circulation and breathing.

All these features, set up on reliable and sturdy steel construction, make for a bed that can cater to all your needs for years to come. To explore the PrimaCare Hi/Low Ultimate Bariatric Bed and obtain pricing, please visit Vital today!