The Portable Hoyer Advance: Hassle-free patient transfers

hoyer advance patient liftTransporting a mobility-impaired patient from a resting surface onto a wheelchair, commode or any other assistive device can prove very challenging for the caregiver. The risk of injury is high– like slips, falls or severe muscular strain– for both parties involved. For decades now, patient lifts have been an excellent choice for individuals looking to simplify this experience. Just like a small crane would, the patient lift (either hydraulic or battery operated) will help you lift the patient from one surface, and roll them onto another spot where they can be safely lowered. 

Patient lifts (otherwise known as Hoyer lifts) are very practical. However, the can be bulky– especially when a person is being cared for in a home setting. That is where customers and their families will find many benefits in the Hoyer Advance patient lift. 

Range of motion: The Hoyer Advance does what many patient lifts cannot– it’s boom portion can go down all the way to the floor. So whether the person who needs to be transferred is resting on a floor-mat during rehab exercises or needs to be brought back to a high, home care bed, this patient lift can handle it all.

folded hoyer advanceEasy storage: As mentioned earlier, patient lifts take up a lot of physical space. What it you could fold and store your Hoyer lift inside a closet or under a bed when not in storage? What if you needed to go on vacation and decided you wanted your lift to travel with you? The Advance’s compact design allows caregivers to fold it into a compact shape with no need for tools.

Smooth maneuvering: The Hoyer Advance comes equipped with a push pad that takes the effort and drag away from having to initiate the movement required to move the lift forward.

Tapered legs: This unique design feature allows caregivers to help the patient lift clear wide obstacles easily during transfer. Its tapered lefts help you past bulky lift chairs or bathroom safety accessories with no trouble whatsoever. Plus, the ability to move the lift into a wider stance guarantees increased stability when the transfer operation is being carried out.

Vital Mobility is proud to retail both the hydraulic and battery operated versions of the Hoyer Advance Patient Lift. Along with offering a large selection of Hoyer-brand slings, our team will be happy to guide you in the process of selecting the perfect device for your needs. Visit today.