The Knee Walker: A great alternative to crutches!

Many individuals who have undergone foot or ankle surgery will often be advised to get a pair of crutches in order to get around with more ease. At Vital Mobility, we of course offer crutches! But there is yet another product that’s quickly gaining popularity in the mobility market and that can help you get around faster and with more ease!

Crutches can be hard to handle. In order to use them correctly, individuals must have plenty of upper body strength. The knee walker, however, requires a lot less effort. The device resembles a scooter– but instead of having a surface to step on, it has a foam-molded cushion onto which to rest the upper part of your lower leg. When using the knee walker, your foot and ankle hang off the device — eliminating all pressure on those affected areas. The walker is easy to steer with its T-bar handle and comes with brakes.

knee scooter by drive medical
Drive Medical Knee Scooter

Say, for example, that you want to be able to prepare dinner by your kitchen counter but your ankle is broken. You can’t place it steadily on the ground because it hurts. Instead of shuffling your crutches around in order to maintain balance while chopping up some vegetables, you approach the counter with your knee walker. After you turn on the brakes, you’re able to rest your leg comfortably and achieve perfect balance while doing your work. Getting around your home– from going to the bathroom to brush your teeth to running to answer the door– is easy with a knee walker! It’s compact size and tight turning radius makes it great for at-home use.

Knee walkers are also very convenient for individuals looking to remain active throughout their recovery. Going for a walk to the grocery store or enjoying the outdoors with your family is much easier when you can do it on wheels! It is up to the user to regulate the speed of the walker with their working leg. And transporting it in the back of your car is just as simple. The knee walker’s handle can fold back for easy storage.

A knee walker can make a huge difference for someone who’s recovering from surgery or injury– both physically and emotionally. Visit our website today to check out our purchase and rental options and don’t hesitate to reach the knowledgeable staff at Vital Mobility if you have any questions!