The Invacare Colibri: A Travel Scooter to fit your personality

Comfort and safety are of the highest importance when considering the purchase of a mobility scooter for yourself or a loved one. But more and more, the team at Vital Mobility hears from customers who are also looking for style– after all, a mobility device is a product you will possibly use on a daily basis and in many different scenarios. Invacare’s Colibri four wheel travel scooter is an excellent choice for those individuals– as it offers top features at great value with an exciting selection of colour choices. five colours to choose from for invacare colibri scooter

Vital Mobility’s mobility scooter store Toronto is currently offering the Colibri with 18 AH batteries– meaning that this travel scooter has a class leading range of 16 kilometres at a top speed of 8 km/h. This makes it a highly versatile device that is just as great for use around your neighbourhood or to take with you on a plane or car during any getaways you may have planned.

Portability is key to this scooter. It’s patented LiteLock technology allows you to assemble or disassemble the scooter into five, light parts in only seconds. Once apart, the device will easily fit into the trunk of any car or any closet where you might seek to store it at home.

disassembled invacare colibriIn addition, unlike many small scooters in the market, the Colibri is highly customizable. The scooter’s charger port allows you to easily program a desired speed, acceleration, alarms and braking sensitivity in order to achieve an optimal driving experience. How this scooter looks, is also up to you as it comes equipped with five interchangeable, easy-to-install sets of colour plates in green, orange, white, blue and red.

Not only does the Invacare Colibri offer the latest in technology, but it delivers top-notch comfort features. Its swivel driver seat is padded in luxurious yet easy to clean vinyl and is decorated by durable, accent stitching. Its arms can be easily adjusted at the angle and width of your preference. Plus, you can achieve the perfect driving posture thanks to the scooter’s adjustable, three-position tiller, generous leg room and delta steering handle.

We are proud to welcome the newest member of our travel scooter family– an excellent compromise between quality, features and budget that is surely to please customers looking for compact mobility solution. Visit Vital Mobility to learn more about the Colibri Mobility Scooter, features and pricing or call our customer service experts today!