The Convenience Of Hospital Bed Rentals

When a patient comes home from the hospital, the patient’s comfort is of course the first thing on the minds of their loved ones and caregivers. For this reason, you should consider the convenience of rental hospital beds. In fact, people with vastly different medical conditions can benefit from a rental hospital bed.

Vital Mobility is one of the top hospital bed suppliers in Canada. We offer their customers a full range of manual and electric hospital beds at very affordable rates.  While manual beds are certainly a viable option for many, electric beds are often a top choice for many of patients. Electric hospital beds offer patients adjustability, security, and independence, and as with manual hospital beds, patients are able to easily adjust their legs and head when using the bed.

So, what can you expect from an electric hospital bed? First, you can expect your bed to run quietly and smoothly. The selection of our available beds can accommodate between 350 and 500 pounds. One of the best features of this product is the simple electronic control. The incredibly easy-to-use controller allows the user to adjust the position of the upper body, knees, feet and height of the bed frame. This conveniently provides both versatility and maximum comfort for the patient and their caregiver.

Some people might wonder why anyone would choose to rent an electric hospital bed, when they could just as easily buy one. Well, for one, renting the bed is a great way to save money. For most people, this bed will only be a temporary need, so why spend a ton of money on something you will no longer need in a few months? In fact, once you no longer need the hospital bed, you’re also able to rent wheelchairs, electric scooters, and crutches from our company should you need them.

A recent report from the American organization, The Commonwealth Fund suggests this is a business Canadians need to get behind. According to the report, Canada has the fewest beds per population of the 13 other countries being compared and the highest length of stay in the hospital. Obviously, Canada could benefit from the rental of these convenient hospital beds. We here at Vital Mobility Medical Supplies Inc. are proud to offer a great variety of high-quality home health care products for purchase and rental. Getting the medical devices you need to make home stays more comfortable has never been easier.