The Benefits Of Renting A Hospital Bed For Home Care

When relatives and loved ones are receiving home care, keeping them safe and comfortable is paramount. This means that some changes may need to be made to help maintain their mobility and make it easier to provide much-needed care– the bed they were able to use before requiring at-home care may no longer be suitable for them.

Hospital beds are practically indispensable for most patients’ home care. They are typically equipped with casters that make it possible to move the bed as needed, a frame that allows the patient’s upper body to be elevated, and side rails that can help keep the patient from falling out of bed. Electric beds can significantly help caregivers who lack the strength to adjust a manual bed, and allow patients to comfortably adjust their beds themselves. Patients’ families or care providers may be tempted to purchase a new bed for these reasons, but there are several benefits to renting one instead.

To start with, hospital beds can be expensive. Purchasing a used or refurbished bed is often significantly cheaper, but renting is almost always the cheapest option. This is especially true when a bed is only going to be used for a brief period of time, such as for patients recuperating from back injuries or surgeries whose recovery period significantly limits their mobility. There is simply no reason to buy a hospital bed that will only be used for a few months.

Secondly, used beds can be difficult to get rid of once they are no longer needed. The market for at-home care equipment isn’t a very large one, and the market for used beds is even smaller. Renting a bed means that its disposal will already be taken care of as part of the rental agreement, so patients and their families won’t be faced with the issue of storing or selling a bed that isn’t in use. Renting a bed allows patients and their caretakers to avoid the headache of trying to figure out what to do with the bed once it is no longer needed.

Lastly, our company offers the convenience of home delivery. There is no need to worry about finding a vehicle large enough to accommodate the size of the bed! Once you choose the hospital bed you want to rent, we will have it delivered to you anywhere in the Toronto or GTA area. Just a few clicks on our website and you will be set!

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