Roll into August with a brand-new Rollator!

There’s nothing like a clear-sky summer day to take a stroll around the neighbourhood or take a day-trip with days and family! For people who suffer from mobility impairments or who can easily tire, sometimes taking a few steps unasisted can put both their safety and physical well-being in jeopardy. Vital Mobility’s line of top-notch rollators can be of great assistance in helping those individuals navigate sidewalks, malls and even the halls of their own homes in dignity and comfort.

red drive nitro rollator
Drive Nitro Rollator

What’s the difference between a walker and a rollator (or rollator walker)?

Traditional aluminum walkers are foldable metallic frames– sometimes equipped with small wheels in the front legs or on all four legs–that aid a person who needs extra-support when moving around. In contrast, a rollator always comes equipped with four wheels, brakes, basket, a seat and back-rest. 

The above features make rollator walkers much for suitable for outdoors use than regular walkers. If the person finds herself tired during her walk, she has the option of putting on the breaks of the device and resting on its cushioned seat. The carry basket is a convenient place for individuals to store items they wish to bring along with them. Finally, larger wheels with tread will help you climb curves and manage uneven terrain with confidence.

Rollators to suit your style

As the popularity of rollator walkers has increased– particularly within the senior population– manufacturers have increased their emphasis on creating better and more functional devices that will also suit different people’s styles. Take Drive’s Nitro Rollator, for example. It is one of the first rollators to come with hidden brake cables, which helps achieve the device’s elegant styling and prevent tangling. As one of the most modern rollators in the market, the Nitro comes painted in red, white and black colours– perfect for individuals looking to break away from silver devices and make a statement!

Vital Mobility offers other rollators too, like the Nexus 3, the versatile Duet, and the Airgo Comfort Plus! Whether you’re looking for a to buy a rollator walker or are searching for rollators for rent in the GTA, we are here to help. With top-level expertise and great customer service, we’ll help you zone in on the ideal rollator for you! We will also aid you with ADP applications.