Find the support you need from a SuperPole

When your mobility is restricted for one reason or another, the simple act of finding the stability you need to get up from resting surfaces like your bed or couch can present a significant challenge. Not only do you need a device that provides you with stability—but you also require something that can bear the weight of your body as you move into a standing position.

The team at Vital Mobility has scoured the home healthcare industry for a device that just that—and we can say we are proud to retail the sturdy and easy-to-install SuperPole. This expandable floor-to-ceiling pole is ideal for individuals who need help coming to a standing or sitting position. Whether you require a SuperPole right next to your bed, besides your favourite sofa or in the bathroom, this handy device will provide you with the reliability you seek.

superpole with superbar at vital mobilityInstallation is quick and mess-free. In order to set up the SuperPole, all you need to do is turn a screw at the base of the device in order to expand it. The pole will be ready for use once there is sufficient pressure between the floor and ceiling of your room—enough of it for it to bear the weight of your body without moving.

Many customers ask us if the SuperPole will damage their floors or delicate ceilings due to the pressure it places on both surfaces. Luckily, that is not a concern as the pole comes equipped with protective ceiling plates and rubber pads for the floor.

The SuperPole line also features handy accessories that can be purchased for added functionality. Take the Super Bar for example. This horizontal, rotating extension for the pole functions as a sort of grab bar. It provides support as you step around the pole and can lock in eight different positions.

Another great accessory is the SuperTrapeze extension. When attached to your SuperPole, the trapeze becomes a handy tool to help you into a sitting position while in bed. The device’s handle doesn’t look like your typical triangle—instead, it simulates two rungs on a ladder. This award-winning design enables an improved use of your arm strength to help you sit up.

Vital Mobility offers the entire line of SuperPole at great prices. Visit our website today to discover more about it today.