How to care for your Mobility Scooter in the winter

drive scooter storage in the winterWith the thermometer already dipping below 0 degrees, it is time to begin thinking how to condition your mobility devices for use or storage during the winter months. When it comes to mobility scooters, a vast majority– especially travel size or medium size models– are only appropriate for use in dry or wet road conditions. 

When the snow starts coming down, however, it is most advisable to bring those devices indoors as the snow and road salt can inflict severe damage on the structure and mechanics of the mobility scooter. The expert team at Vital Mobility has compiled some quick and useful tips to help you keep your mobility scooter in tip-top shape during the cold Canadian months:

  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SCOOTER OUTDOORS: Not only will the cold weather finish your battery, but the body of your scooter will be damaged. Instead, look for a dry place to store it: like a shed, a garage or even your home’s basement.
  • REMEMBER TO CHARGE YOUR BATTERIES: Unlike during the warmer months, when you’ll be charging your battery on an almost daily basis, in the winter you are also required to give your batteries the occasional boost. It is ideal to charge your mobility scooter overnight every two weeks. This will assist in maintaining the battery by avoiding parasitic drain.
  • MAINTAIN THE TIRES: Before storing your scooter for the winter, make sure that if your tires are air-filled, that they are fully inflated– and that they remain so for the duration of the season. Deflated tires are likely to crack and compromise your ability to use your scooter once the weather warms up.
  • IF YOU’RE LEAVING THE SCOOTER IN A CHILLY SPOT: Sometimes you will have no choice than to store your mobility scooter in a spot– like your garage– that may not be heated. In that case, to prevent the battery from freezing and possible condensation, consider covering the battery with a heavy blanket.
  • WAIT FOR THE SNOW TO CLEAR: Icy and snowy road conditions will not only compromise the structural integrity of your mobility device, but they will also put you at risk. Instead of using your scooter, consider enlisting the help of family and friends or a trusted mobility transportation service to get you around town.

If you follow the above steps, once spring arrives, you will find your mobility scooter in great shape and you will not need to waste any time resuming your busy life outdoors!

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