Adding A Stairlift To Your Home

FBruno Elite Stairlift in Useor most of us, going up or down the stairs is part of our everyday routine. However, for elderly and mobility impaired individuals, the mere task of moving to another floor of their home can be both painful and difficult. Oftentimes, that person decides that the best course of action is to move into a one-story house or apartment. However, for people looking to stay in their original home, a stair lift will make for the perfect home modification. Here is why:

Modern stairlifts are comfortable and safe. A height adjustable seat guarantees a comfortable ride up or down the stairs. That same seat will swivel outwards in order to facilitate you getting off and on the stair lift problem-free. Moreover, when the device starts and stops, it will do so at a slow and gentle speed.

A new stairlift puts safety first. They usually come equipped with two batteries which in case of a power outage, will allow the chairlift to continue to operate. These devices also feature obstruction sensors, meaning that if a person or an object gets in the way of the stairlift, the device will come to a safe stop. An adjustable seat belt will also ensure the safety of the person using it.

Bruno Elite StairliftA stairlift will be easy to use. Most stair lifts in the market are extremely simple to operate. A rocker switch on one of the armrests allows you to control the stairlift’s movements at the simple touch of a button. In addition, a wireless call/send — available in some models– will allow for simple operation by a family member or caregiver.

In addition, there are two types of stairlifts: straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. Straight stairlifts fit most standard, straight stair cases. Often times, home modification experts will only have to know the number of steps and distance between the first and last step in order to quote you a price for the project. Curved chairlifts however, are more complex as they need to be custom fitted to your space. If you have a curved staircase at home, it is most advisable for a stairlift installer to visit you at home in order to generate an adequate quotation. In terms of pricing, the curved stair lift is always pricier as it requires the aforementioned customization.

If you’re considering a stairlift for your home, don’t hesitate to give the experts at Vital Mobility a call for a free home estimate today!

Accessible front porch solutions from Vital Mobility

Now that the weather is warming up, individuals who experience limited mobility will find it beneficial to spend more time outdoors– both for their physical and emotional well-being. However, for many, the mere act of leaving their home while seated on a wheelchair, power wheelchair or electric scooter can prove almost impossible if their front porches have steps leading down to the road.

The team at Vital Mobility works with families and individuals looking to find the perfect solution to make their homes’ front entries accessible. Two of the solutions we offer, and would like to explore today, are accessibility ramps and porch lifts.

Aluminum ramp

Accessibility ramps are generally made of durable aluminum and come in portable and fixed configurations. Portable aluminum ramps generally come in 2″ to 6″ lengths and are perfect for temporary use as they can be folded and carried in a pouch until your next destination. They are convenient for occasional use when leaving your home or traveling around. However, because of their non-permanent nature, they require a caregiver to set them up every time they must be relocated.

A ramp option that on the other hand, provides much independence to the user, is the fixed wheelchair ramp. These ramps can be custom-made to the size and shape of your front lawn. Perfect for wheelchair users or individuals who use a walker or rollator walker, fixed ramps are a great budget-friendly choice for many. They are usually built with handrails to ensure the safety of the user and to assist him or her in making their way up or down the ramp.

bruno porch liftIf you are short on front-lawn real estate but still require an accessible front entrance, you may want to consider the very practical porch lift. This free-standing, elevator-like device occupies minimal space and with the simple touch of a button, it can take you from street level to porch level in just a few seconds. Because of its mechanized nature, porch lifts are naturally a pricier option than setting up a ramp at home, but they are a preferred choice if a person doesn’t have the upper body strength and dexterity to navigate a built-in ramp. Also known as vertical platform lifts, these devices can also be installed inside your home or in your backyard ir order to help you access your deck.

Vital Mobility offers custom made accessibility ramps, Drive medical portable ramps and Bruno and Savaria porch lifts to help you make the best out of the warm weather season. Visit our website today to reach us and learn more!



A new year, a new (and more mobile) you!

When faced with challenging situations– such as finding ourselves unable to move around the way we once used to– it is natural to lack motivation and struggle to settle into our new realities. But as a new year begins and resolutions are made, we are reminded that there is hope out there for all of us and that there are many ways to regain the independence we once relied on. The dedicated team at Vital Mobility can be your partner in discovering your options and navigating the world of mobility in an informed and flexible manner.

vital mobility parners in recovery

Think of a wheelchair for example. You may be considering purchasing a brand new device. However, within the realm of wheelchairs, there are hundreds– if not thousands– of options available. They include basic foldable wheelchairs, wheelchairs with additional cushioning for extended use, ultra-light wheelchairs made out of alumimum or carbon fiber, and tilting wheelchairs. Our experts can work with your therapists and doctors in identifying the perfect wheelchair for your budget. We will also guide you in obtaining the government funding necessary (e.g: ADP) to ease the financial burden that a complex wheelchair can present for you and your loved ones.

Home hospital beds is another product category that many of us eventually end up having to purchase for ourselves or a family member. The selection of such devices grows daily — from basic, utilitarian beds that will keep you safe and comfortable to luxurious beds that match your home decor and are packed with added features to make your life and that of your caregiver easier. Vital Mobility is proud to carry the whole range, meaning that we offer beds that are suitable for every budget. Plus, unlike many of our industry colleagues, we carry a wide selection of home hospital beds in our showroom– meaning that instead of buying from a catalogue, you’ll have a chance to test-drive these beds before making an important purchasing decision.

These are just a few examples of how we strive to serve our customers in the path to a better quality of life or a prompt recovery. To make your buying experience even easier, we also offer one of the most comprehensive device rental programs in the province of Ontario. Whether you are looking to try out a new home hospital bed or to rent a wheelchair Toronto, we deliver rental products in excellent condition– quickly and at very competitive rental rates.

Visit today for locations and contact information. We look forward to serving you this 2016!

Full-feature Aluminum Transport Chair on SALE!

The team at Vital Mobility always works hard to find the best quality products for our clients at the very best prices. That’s why we are proud to offer Drive Medical’s excellent quality, lightweight aluminum Expedition transport chair for just CAD$199!

drive medical expedition transport chair on sale at vital mobility

In contrast to other transport chairs in the market, the Expedition offers upgraded features for a great value. One of these outstanding features are the chair’s larger, 12″ rear “flat-free” tires. These larger rear tires give the transport chair more traction and allow for greater ease when navigating uneven surfaces. Additionally, the Expedition comes equipped with hand-brakes. In addition to the chair’s easy-to-access wheel locks, the hand-brakes are very convenient when it comes to ensuring the safety of the person being transported as well as facilitating their transfer onto other seating surfaces.

Additionally, patients and caregivers alike can have a worry free experience as the transport chair features a sturdy yet comfortable, adjustable seat belt. The roomy seat measures 19″ (48 cm) across and can accommodate patients weighting up to 300 lbs.

Using the Drive Expedition is easy for the caregiver. The chair’s light aluminum frame only weights 19 lbs and it folds flat in order to facilitate transport in the trunk of a car or compact storage. A handy lever on the back of the chair makes folding down its backrest a breeze.

The Drive Expedition is ideal for quick trips to the mall, strolls around your neighbourhood or doctor’s visits. It comes in two attractive colours– blue and red– and includes a limited lifetime warranty. Wondering if this lightweight transport chair is right for you? Vital Mobility’s experts would be happy to walk you through this and other transport and wheelchair options. This holiday season, give the gift of freedom! Our dedicated team is here to help through our website or via phone at 647-430-7176. 

Options for Making Your Home More Accessible

At Vital Mobility, we strive to bring intuitive and convenient accessibility into your everyday life. That’s why we offer the latest and greatest mobility and home healthcare devices to suit your every need. However, when mobility devices are not enough to achieve optimal accessibility at home, our expert team can help you make changes to the place where you live that will help you live a more comfortable life.

Savaria stairliftFor example, individuals living in houses in Canada will often have to climb up one or more flights of stairs. This simple task for some, can present a real challenge for individuals with reduced mobility. That’s why, our company offers a wide assortment of stairlifts (straight and curved), which are quickly installed on a wall adjacent to your stairs or on rails, and will help you navigate them with no troubles at all. A cushioned seat will take you up the stairs and bring you back down in safety and comfort.

Mobility-iporch lift by savariampaired individuals living in homes too, can find transfers between garages and the inside of their homes challenging as well. For example, if someone using a wheelchair gets out of his car in the garage and desires to enter his home through the garage door– they will usually find a grading difference between both spaces. Setting up a ramp would be the obvious choice. However, ramps will present a hazard when moving around the garage and will take up valuable real estate. In this case, Vital Mobility’s porch lifts will function as convenient elevators that will allow the person to roll right onto the device and at the touch of a button, move up until their wheelchair aligns with the entrance of their home.

When it comes to accessing one’s porch from the street, grading can also be an issue. Porch lifts are an excellent choice for solving that problem. However, if an individual is looking for a more budget-friendly and possibly temporary option, the installation of a metallic ramp might be an optimal choice for them. Accessibility ramps come in different widths and lengths– depending on the number of steps and incline of the entrance to your home. Our ramps are foldable, light-weight and durable; many of them can even fit into a convenient carry bag!

If you’re considering making your home more accessible, Vital Mobility is here to help. Our accessibility specialists will be happy to pay you a visit for a free, in-home estimate that will leave you feeling informed about your choices and confident about our expertise.