Step Into Spring With The Right Rollator Walker!

The seasons are changing, slowly but surely – though we keep finding ourselves dipping back into wintery weather and cold temperatures, there are days when you can hear birds chirping outside, when the sun peeks its head out from behind the clouds, and when it’s nice enough to even consider going for a walk.

For people unaffected by mobility-related concerns, or limiting injuries and conditions, the process of stepping out into spring is a simple one – you just put on your shoes and go. Navigating the streets and sidewalks is a breeze, especially now that the snow is finally melting! But anyone who’s experienced the pain and frustration that limited mobility can cause knows that there’s much more to the spring season than meets the eye. If you’re already a bit wary of stepping out into the world, the change in the seasons doesn’t necessarily always seem so freeing. You’ve spent the whole winter stuck indoors, relying on others for help and rarely stepping out for fear of having to navigate the treacherous ice and snow, only to have spring bring with it a whole new set of problems.

There’s the leftover ice that’s still in the process of melting, the huge puddles of water and slush that accumulate along the roads and sidewalks, the gigantic pellets of ice that can make navigating even the simplest of roads difficult – not to mention the cracks that have formed in the concrete over the course of the winter. For someone with limited mobility – either due to an injury or a more chronic condition – all of this can be enough to make you want to stay inside until July. Navigating this kind of an urban landscape in the springtime can be difficult even if you’re using a walker – the standard kind aren’t too good on rough landscapes and terrain, which means that you have to wait until all the sidewalks in your neighbourhood are completely free and clear before you’re free to take a walk or run errands on your own.

That is, until you buy a rollator walker.


Rollators are similar to walkers in that they provide a stable framework and support for you as you navigate the streets at your own pace – but unlike a standard walker, they’re also built to handle the more rugged and unpredictable terrain that often comes along on city streets. At Vital Mobility we offer a wide range of rollator walkers ( to suit anyone’s particular needs, including lightweight and three-wheel models, but the gist of each is the same – a rugged walker that features a seat for rests and brakes for dealing with sudden obstacles, often featuring a basket to help make your errands or your day-to-day travels just that much easier. With a rollator walker, you don’t have to worry about the difficulties of navigating the city’s sometimes-difficult springtime terrain – you’re good to go wherever you want, whenever you feel like it. Don’t let yourself stay cooped up through the springtime – get outside, enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine that spring brings around, and feel the benefits of newfound freedom that a rollator walker can provide.