Recovering comfortably: 5 reasons why a Medical Lift Chair rental can help during post-op

During the first week or two after undergoing major abdominal and joint surgery, many patients experience weakness in their muscles, hips or knees. As wounds heal and you regain your strength, you may find one of the most challenging movements to make will be to get up or lower yourself into a seated position. That is where a medical lift chair comes in most handy for your recovery.

Here are a few ways in which choosing to rent a lift chair when you return home from the hospital will help you:

  1. A lift chair’s basic function- the Lift: The simple actions of lowering your body onto a chair or standing up can become challenging when you cannot make proper use of your abdominal or leg muscles and lower body joints. That’s why, the lift chair’s gentle upwards and forward and downwards and backward motion will be of invaluable assistance as it will relieve pressure in those areas of your body while helping you move to your desired position safely.lifting action lift chair
  2. Range of motion: When you are recovering from surgery, your doctors might recommend that you avoid staying in the same position for a long time– as this can weaken your muscles and stifle your progress. Resting on your bed will often be discouraged as it will leave you with little or no ability to reposition your body. That is why, by choosing a lift chair for rent, you will find options that will allow you to adjust the position of your back, arms and legs in order to maintain a more dynamic range of movement while you rest.
  3.  Relief for your caregivers: In the days immediately following your medical procedure, you might find yourself heavily relying on the help of professional caregivers or family members and friends. In order to help you stand up, for example, these individuals will have to strain their upper body muscles so as to assist you. This could present new health problems for them and could be dangerous for both the caregiver and the patient. So, renting a lift chair will not only take the pressure off your healing body, but by preventing unnecessary strain and accidental falls– it will take pressure off the people who are assisting you in your recovery.
  4. Heat and massage options: Not only do medical lift chairs provide an excellent resting surface to help you recover, but they are equipped with optional features that can accelerate your healing. Vital Mobility’s Type B Lift Chairs for rent come equipped with heat and massage options that treat your lumbar area to gently provide healing treatment to your lower back muscles and spine.
  5. Flexibility: Choosing to rent a medical lift chair means that you don’t have to commit to a large piece of furniture if you know you will be only using it on a temporary basis. The device will be delivered to your home in perfect condition upon your discharge from the hospital and will be picked up when you feel ready to resume your usual routine. Whether you choose to rent for a week or a month is up to you- when it comes to renting a lift chair, leave the rest to us!