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Prevent bed sores and find comfort with an Air Mattress

Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattress System

Vital Mobility is Toronto’s premier provider of home healthcare serving the GTA with top-notch customer service and very competitive pricing. That is why our expert team can help you pinpoint which type of therapeutic mattress will be best in assisting you or a loved one in achieving the ideal level of comfort and healing. When a foam mattress isn’t enough for a patient who experiences mobility impairment, the experts at Vital Mobility often recommend that they consider an Air Mattress for sale or for rent.

Pressure prevention mattresses are designed for individuals who will spend a fair amount of their day in their hospital bed. Whereas many will benefit from the reliable comfort of a foam mattress– many of which are ergonomically built to reduce the chance of bed sores– other, more severely restricted in their mobility, will opt for an air mattresses.

air mattress by drive medicalAir mattresses do the moving for you! When an individual cannot shift positions or leave the bed on a regular basis, they are more prone to developing bed sores and pressure wounds. These are caused by the constant rubbing of the patient’s skin against the bed surfaces without any ventilation. Whether the patient is in this position, or has already developed pressure sores and requires immediate relief, the features included in our air mattress can help alleviate those conditions.

Medical air mattresses are connected to a programmable air pump that allows them to alternate the body’s pressure points, maintaining tissues in motion as the patient rests. Depending on the cycle that you or your therapist select, the mattress will continuously modify how the mattresses air pockets are inflated– ensuring that the individual never feels too much pressure in any part of their body.

This doesn’t mean that the mattress itself loses firmness at any point, instead– the latest technology low-airloss mattresses are covered by laser punctures throughout, which allow minute amounts of air to escape the device. This technology is crucial for managing the moisture levels on the patient’s skin by keeping it cool all the time and gives them the feeling that they are “floating on air”.

Our excellent quality mattresses will ensure that you or a loved one achieve the comfort you need for as long as you need it. Our company offers a broad range of medical air mattresses that will fit your budget as well as a comprehensive rental program for those looking for a temporary solution. Our air mattresses are compatible with hospital beds which you can buy or rent. Visit our Air Mattress page for more information today!




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