Perfect Air Mattress, Great Value: Med-Aire Plus Low Air Loss Mattress System

When customers come to us in search for an air mattress for a loved one, they often expect a price-tag in the many thousands of dollars. That indeed, is the case with  many air mattresses in the Canadian market. Our goal though, at Vital Mobility, is to bring to you excellent quality home medical equipment that won’t break the bank– we know how pricey it can get when you are trying to set up a home healthcare environment for a family member or close friend!

Med-Aire Low Airloss Mattress System by Drive MedicalThat is why we are proud to offer Drive Medical’s Med-Aire Plus Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattress System. What exactly does that mean?

An air mattress’ main goal, beyond providing excellent comfort to the patient, is to help reduce and treat pressure sores. When an individual is bound to their bed — because of a lack of mobility– the constant friction of the body against the resting surface can take a serious toll on the skin. Bed sores are painful and very prone to infection. The Med-Aire Plus mattress’ air pockets offer dynamic pressure redistribution to combat that. The air cells’ 8″ depth means that even if the power goes off and the mattress pump is disabled, it will take an entire 24 hours for the mattress to lose air– giving caregivers the ability to move the patient or wait for power to resume.

Additionally, this Drive Medical Air Mattress features 10″ deep static perimeter tubing, which works as a great tool for preventing patients from becoming entrapped between the mattress and the home hospital bed’s side rails. Entrapment is further prevented with the mattress’ low shear, fluid resistant mattress cover, which helps make sure that the user doesn’t slide on the bed.

This highly versatile medical air mattress provides caregivers with the ability to personalize the pressure cycles of the mattress in order to cater to the patient’s needs.

There is nothing like finding the perfect compromise between comfort, safety and value in a home healthcare product. The Med-Aire Plus Low Airloss Mattress System does just that. Call us at 905-532-9494 today or visit us at to find out more about this great air mattress deal.