How Buying A Patient Hoyer Lift Can Change Your Life For The Better

At Vital Mobility, our primary preoccupation has always been freedom. By offering a wide range of patient equipment, we’re always looking to fulfill our goal of encouraging people to reach the full extent of their physical freedom no matter what the circumstances. In many cases, this is a relatively simple task – if someone is having difficulty walking due to an injury or a chronic condition, they have the option of rollators, walkers, crutches or canes; those with joint issues can get lift chairs to help them in and out of a more comfortable position. But for those whose mobility is so severely compromised that getting in and out of bed presents a serious challenge for both patient and caregiver, the task is not quite as simple. Patient transfer in these cases often requires the help of a skilled and willing caregiver, and even then, it can be a difficult challenge to the strength and self-confidence of everyone involved. We believe everyone deserves the dignity and self-sufficiency that comes with simple and straightforward patient transfer, which is why we are proud to offer a wide range of patient Hoyer lifts for sale.


A Hoyer lift is a mechanism that uses hydraulic or battery power and a comfortable sling to help a patient move from one location to another with comfort and ease. This greatly reduces the strain on both the patient and the caregiver that other, less sophisticated modes of transfer can create. The range of patient lifts we offer (viewable at offers several options to ensure that you can find one that suits all of your needs to the greatest extent possible. We offer lifts that are battery-powered and come with reliable rechargers to help ensure maximum efficiency and reliability, as well as hydraulic lifts in a variety of configurations. We also have a stand-assist lift that is configured slightly differently from the other sling lifts – while these are ideal for raising or lowering a patient, the stand-assist helps with standing, as well as transferring and toileting.

Without the use of a proper patient lift, the act of transferring a patient or helping them to stand can be extremely difficult. Not only does this put a strain on the patient themselves – it can also make things significantly harder for the caregiver, whether they are professionally trained or a friend or family member simply trying to help. A person’s weight, combined with the fact that it is necessary to be extremely careful when helping someone to transfer from one position to another, can often be too much for some people, and if a transfer is executed improperly there is the possibility of severe consequences for the patient, but also for the caregiver, who can walk away from the situation with muscle strain or injury. It is extremely important to take all possible precautions when it comes to patient transfer – especially if it is happening several times a day on a regular basis. The time, money, stress and strain a state-of-the-art Hoyer lift can save everyone involved in the process adds up to something that’s undoubtedly priceless – the safety, security and freedom of both patient and caregiver.