Home hospital bed mattress buying guide

So you’ve purchased a home hospital bed but haven’t yet decided which level of comfort and features to seek in a mattress. The wide selection of mattresses available for home hospital bed users can be daunting, but here are a few guidelines that we hope will help you best inform your purchase or rental decision.

There are three main categories of mattresses to chose from:

Drive low air-loss mattress
A low air-loss mattress

– Foam

– Pressure Prevention 

– Air Mattresses

Why go with a foam mattress?

There’s many reasons why you or a loved one may choose to bring a hospital bed into your home. If you’re recovering from injury or surgery, or if you live with a medical condition that requires you to sleep with your back or legs in a specific position or that makes it hard for you to get on and off the bed– but you’re not confined to your bed– a foam mattress might be a good choice for you.

A foam mattress is the most economical choice and will do for individuals who will not be spending more than 10 hours a day in their beds. Why, you may ask? Because they do not have any features that prevent pressure sores.

Why go with a pressure prevention mattress?

I you will be spending more than 10 hours a day in your home hospital bed, a prevention mattress will have the features you need to keep your body healthy and free of pressure sores and skin breakdown.

These mattresses, made out of foam or a combination of foam and gel layers, are ideal for individuals with severely reduced mobility or complete immobility. Pressure prevention mattresses  evenly distribute the weight of a patient, and some of them feature an ultra soft heel section to provide the least amount of pressure possible to the skin in the leg area.

Why go with an air mattress?

Air mattresses come in two varieties and are often indicated for individuals who are prone to developing skin ulcers.

Alternating pressure mattresses are able to alter and alternate the deflation and inflation of separate, individual air cells. By doing this, they relieve pressure on the skin and manage the body’s moisture levels– that promotes better circulation and quicker healing.

Low air-loss mattresses are the recommended choice for individuals who already suffer from ulcers and are in need of quick recovery from the condition. These mattresses come equipped with a blower that circulates air throughout the patient’s skin to control its moisture and temperature. The patient rests on a surface made out of air-filled cells that provide ideal pressure levels. Some of these mattresses include lateral rotation to assist in pulmonary blood flow and mucosal drainage.

Whatever your or your loved one’s condition, there is a mattress for your home hospital bed out there for you. If you have any questions or are seeking for information about available mattress products in your area, you can always reach Vital Mobility’s customer service agents at 647-430-7176.