The Snow Is Gone –Rent An Electric Wheelchair And Get Out There!

This winter seemed like it was never going to end. At Vital Mobility, we’re more excited than anyone to get out in the world and start being able to get where we’re going more freely again, and we’re excited to help you do the same. Now that the ice is cleared, the slush has gone down the drain, and even those lingering piles of snow that stuck around for so long are finally history, it’s the perfect time for anyone who’s been cooped up inside all winter to rent an electric wheelchair and take advantage of what these amazing devices have to offer in terms of freedom and – you guessed it! – mobility.

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Our power wheelchairs for rent offer all the bells and whistles you need to make your ride as smooth and as comfortable as possible – from an adjustable, reclining seat and headrest to a programmable controller, these vehicles can help you get wherever you need to go in comfort, safety and style. Electric wheelchairs are the ideal vehicle for anyone who needs the support and assistance of a regular manual wheelchair, but with the added power of a motorized vehicle. These vehicles are great for anyone who lives in the city – they can help you navigate tough terrain like cracked sidewalks, gravel or asphalt with ease, and they are ideal for anyone who finds themselves having to travel across longer distances. Manual wheelchairs can be useful for patients who only need to travel short distances, or who do most of their moving around indoors; once the time comes to deal with tougher terrain, they can become a burden or even end up hindering your mobility when they’re supposed to be assisting you! With a high-quality motorized scooter, you’ll never find yourself stuck in a jam – there will always be the power and support you need around you.

Spring is the perfect time to try one of these vehicles out, which is one of the many reasons why renting, rather than buying, might be the best option for you. Renting allows you to see if a piece of equipment suits all of your needs, and our flexible options for terms mean you can keep it for as short or as long a period of time as you’d like. Likewise, if you know you’re only going to be needing the vehicle for a set length of time, or if your budget doesn’t have room right now to accommodate the purchase of a motorized wheelchair, you can still enjoy all the freedom and support it can bring into your life simply by renting. Many of our clients find this is the best option for them; if you’re still not sure, however, get in touch with us and one of our experienced servicepeople will talk to you about your needs, your routine and your expectations to help make sure you make the choice that’s best for your health, your lifestyle and your wallet.

If you’re interested in getting out there this spring and enjoying what the city has to offer in one of our sleek and stylish electric wheelchairs, contact us by phone, online, or come visit Vital Mobility in person to talk about the range of options we have available to you. With the right motorized wheelchair, you’ll be out on the streets enjoying the sunshine in no time!

The Advantages Of Renting A Wheelchair When Travelling

In 2000/2001, it was reported that approximately 155,000 Canadians required a wheelchair to get around. ( When the statistics were broken down, it was reported that the main reasons Canadians needed a mobility support device were disease, illness, natural aging or injury. As such, there are many reasons to rent rather than purchase expensive medical equipment. In many instances, the need for one is temporary, and wheelchair rentals service, for instance, is often less expensive than purchasing one.

There are some injuries that only require the need for a wheelchair for a very short time. Some broken bones require patients not to walk or put stress on the injury for a short period. In cases such as these, buying a wheelchair for such a short time would not make sense. It is a much better idea to rent a wheelchair if the disability is temporary. Wheelchair rental may also be covered under insurance plans.

When travelling on vacation by plane, those with difficulty may want to rent a smaller motorized wheelchair to help make boarding and check-in lines much easier. Lines can be unexpectedly long and long waits will be much less painful with the aid of a wheelchair. Some airlines even offer an inexpensive service for wheelchair rentals to their passengers, including day rentals that will have a wheelchair waiting at every lay over and stop. Cruise ships will also have scooter rentals available for their passengers so they can get around the ship with ease. Car rental services often offer wheelchair rentals when renting a vehicle, and will have the latest, most convenient models available to help you get around with ease.

Always call ahead when travelling to arrange for a rented wheelchair to be ready for you when you arrive. Dragging your own wheelchair along with you on vacation can be a hassle, but renting one wherever you are travelling is convenient and carefree. Contact rental services and ask others to recommend reputable services. Check into the cost of purchasing a brand new wheelchair versus renting one. If the use of the wheelchair is going to be short term, renting one from our company will help you save money. There are many advantages to renting a wheelchair, with travelling just being one of many. If your injury or disability does not require the use of a wheelchair for a long period of time, you should definitely consider looking into renting one from us. Vital Mobility makes wheelchair rental quick and easy, click here to contact us today!



Wheelchair Rentals And Their Benefits

Although it would be ideal to be able to own the medical equipment you need, such as a wheelchair, that our homebound family members and loved ones require, for many consumers this is not a very affordable option. Luckily, for the estimated 33 million wheelchair users in Canada, renting this equipment is a convenient and very affordable option. There are several rental options available through our company. Some of these options include electric hospital bed rentals, wheelchair rentals, electric scooter and scooter rentals, as well as rental options for those in need of crutches.

Wheelchair rentals are not only a very practical option, but it is a very affordable option also. Renting a wheelchair can save you hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars. Having the option of a wheelchair rental rather than owning one will not only ensure that you have more money in your bank account, but it will also give you the opportunity to be able to return the wheelchair once it is no longer needed.mobility wheelchairs for rent

There are many cases in which a loved one might be in need of a wheelchair. There are simple reasons as to why a chair might be needed, such as a broken leg; as well as more serious illnesses and injuries that might require the use of a wheelchair, such as spinal cord injuries, paraplegia, and cerebral palsy. Since there is such a wide range of individuals who are need of wheelchairs, we offer a wide range of wheelchairs to accommodate the needs of those that require them. There are standard, manual wheelchairs that must be pushed by another person or wheeled by the wheelchair’s owner. If this is not what you are looking for, there are also electric wheelchairs that do not have any need for manual guidance. They are powered by electric motors, which are controlled by a joystick on the arm of the wheelchair.

There are also many benefits to renting other medical equipment as well. Suppose you are not too keen on the idea of your loved one spending an extended amount of time in the hospital. By renting medical equipment from us, such as hospital beds, you are able to keep your loved one comfortable in their own home for as long as possible. We pride ourselves on making the lives of those in need of mobility aids easier, and work hard to ensure that our rental equipment is right for you. Renting this equipment is also helpful for nursing homes and assisted living organizations.

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Renting A Wheelchair Is The Way To Go

Close to 15 percent of individuals living in Canada report that they suffer from some type of disability that limits their mobility. An estimated three percent of those reporting a disability are children under the age of 14. As the population continues to age, the current figure of 4.4 million people who are disabled in Canada will only continue to rise. Despite a lack of mobility and the severity of their disability, most men, women and children still want to be as active as possible and participate in the day to day activities of living. Gaining mobility by using a wheelchair helps anyone of any age with any degree of disability to get where they want to go rather than being restricted to a bed. But since purchasing a wheelchair can prove to be an expensive proposition, renting a wheelchair is the cost effective way to go.

Chronic medical conditions, such as arthritis, often create mobility problems that can be solved by the rental of the right wheelchair. Individuals who are temporarily disabled due to a twisted ankle or broken leg, and who cannot stand up or put weight on their own legs, are still able to get around their home and property by using a wheelchair. Young people who suffer a sports injury may need a wheelchair to get around while their injury heals. A physician may recommend that a patient use a wheelchair for several weeks after having major surgery while their stitches heal and they recover fully. Individuals who have been involved in traffic accidents often need to take it easy for a week or two and use a wheelchair to get around.

Elderly individuals who feel frail and often dizzy due to blood pressure issues and muscle weakness often feel safer securely seated in a wheelchair while going about such daily activities as doing the dishes or folding the laundry in their own homes. Many caretakers prefer to use a wheelchair when helping an elderly person into an automobile or into bed at the end of the day. Wheelchairs allow senior Canadians to stay active and participate in life to the fullest every day.

Wheelchair rentals enable an individual to regain much of the freedom they have lost due to a permanent or temporary medical condition. Wheelchair rentals are much more budget friendly than purchasing a wheelchair outright and the rental time can be extended or ended early as the patient’s health and physical condition dictates. With a wide range of wheelchairs, including steel manual wheelchairs and easy to navigate electric wheelchairs in addition to a full range of wheelchair accessories, rentals make a patient’s life much more comfortable and convenient. Rental wheelchairs can accommodate people of all sizes and some lightweight models are designed for easy folding when traveling.

Why So Many People Choose To Rent Wheelchairs

Over 14 percent of Canadian residents have an activity limiting disability. Although not all disabilities manifest themselves in a way that will require a wheelchair, it is estimated that approximately 1 percent of the population uses a wheelchair. There are many different illness, injuries and disabilities that lead to wheelchair use. The cost of owning a wheelchair can vary on the type of wheelchair and, in most cases, the option of renting a wheelchair may be more beneficial.

There are many different types of wheelchairs and finding the appropriate one will depend on each individual’s medical condition. Wheelchairs can be manual or electrically powered. Manual wheelchairs can come in either a folding or rigid design. Rigid type wheelchairs tend to be lighter and more easily maneuvered and should be used by more active wheelchair users. Folding wheelchairs would be an excellent choice for individuals needing to use the wheelchair for travel on a frequent basis. Many people have disabilities that make it difficult to propel themselves in a manual wheelchair and in this situation an electrically powered wheelchair may prove more useful.

Injury, spinal cord trauma, paralysis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Sclerosis, and severe heart conditions are just a few of the many reasons an individual may need a wheelchair. By providing this freedom to the patients suffering from these disabilities, they will enjoy a higher quality of life. Eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom will all become simpler and allow independence. Trips outside of the home will no longer be stressful journeys, but instead relaxing adventures. Wheelchair accessories, such as cushions, totes, baskets and lap robes will help to ensure a comfortable ride.


Wheelchairs costs can vary greatly and many times the need for the wheelchair may be temporary. This is why many people choose wheelchair rentals instead of purchasing the equipment outright. The cost of renting a wheelchair is significantly less and the terms can be arranged on a weekly, monthly, or even long term basis. Even for the individuals who are experiencing extended or permanent disabilities, they can still benefit from renting a wheelchair. While it may be cost effective to own a chair at home, when traveling or spending time away from home, it may be practical to consider wheelchair rental of a more convenient type of chair.

Many people do not have the means to purchase a wheelchair. It is not always easy to qualify for help from medical insurance to purchase this equipment. By considering wheelchair rentals, people will be opening the doors of movability. Providing a patient with a form of mobility is essentially giving the individual a chance at new opportunities which will in turn lead to a happier, healthier life.