The Triumph Escape: A rollator packed with features

Escape rollator in action
Features sturdy 7″ wheels

When you decide to buy a rollator for yourself or a loved one, you are committing to a life-changing device that you will find yourself using every day. More and more, the team at Vital Mobility has heard from our customers that not only are they seeking the ultimate in safety and reliability when it comes to picking a rollator, but they’re also searching for comfort and added features. That is why we are proud to introduce the Triumph Escape– a premium quality device that also looks great and accommodates your every mobility need.

Lets begin with the Escape’s outstanding comfort features. The rollator features a large padded seat that’s the ideal spot to comfortably rest your legs or take a breather. The Escape’s depth-adjustable padded backrest offers you added comfort and stability. Additionally, while you’re walking with your rollator, you will find that its pressure-reducing anatomical hand-grips keep your hands strong while its cable-free Gentle Touch braking system guarantees a worry-free experience anytime. No visible cables means no danger of having the rollator become tangled with other objects while you’re on the go.

Red Triumph Escape RollatorPlus, the Escape is a breeze to store. It’s compact folding system allows you to fold the rollator with a quick lift of the release handle. The ultra-light device (just 15 lbs) will remain standing, which will facilitate easy storage or lifting it onto the trunk of your car. While you’re on the go, the Escape will come in handy with its large folding shopping basket and optional accessories including a cup holder, cane holder and plastic tray.

For residents of the province of Ontario, there is an added benefit to considering the Triumph Escape walker– the device is covered under the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). To learn more about government subsidies for individuals in need of assistive devices as well as to learn more about Vital Mobility’s great line of quality rollators, visit or call 647-688-1934.


Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas from Vital Mobility

With the holidays right around the corner you might need to shop for an elderly or mobility-impaired family member or friend. There’s many gifting options available in the market that can significantly contribute to their everyday living. The team at Vital Mobility wants to make holiday shopping easy for you, so we compiled a list of our Top 5 gift ideas to make the process a lot easier. (SCROLL DOWN TO GALLERY FOR PHOTOS)

  1. The NITRO Rollator: Few mobility devices look as beautiful as the Nitro rollator walker by Drive Medical. With sleek European styling and and a variety of attractive colours to choose from, the Nitro combines the best in looks and functionality. Four large flat-free tires ensure great traction in most terrains and its generous seating area and backrest give you the comfort you need when taking a break from your walk. The rollator comes equipped with a roomy basket to help you during shopping trips and concealed break wires to prevent damage and tripping.
  2.  Pride LC 525 Zero-Gravity Lift Chair: With the cold winter days just ahead of us, your loved one will
    find comfort in this revolutionary lift chair. Part of the manufacturer’s “Specialty Collection”, the LC 525 offers an infinite-position hand control that allows for the largest range of motion in the industry– from a sitting position to a 180-degree sleeping position, the chair’s two-motor mechanism provides the ultimate in versatility. Think of your loved one choosing to sit with their legs resting in a horizontal position as they read their favourite book or finding relief from congestion by choosing a sleeping position that elevates their head while angling down their legs (Trendelenburg position)- these positions are only possible with an infinite position lift chair. These features, added to the super-soft fabric selections included with this chaise lounger, make it a great gift choice this holiday season.
  3. Ventura DLX Scooter: Not too large and not too small, the Ventura deluxe scooter is just the right size to fit in your garage but is roomy and has enough range to take you on all your adventures in 2016 (up to 35 kms). The 4-wheel midsize scooter comes equipped with a comfortable captain’s seat (with cushioned back and head support) that can swivel and slide down for easy access. The Ventura also includes a full-lighting package with turn signals, parking blinkers and a headlight as well as readview mirrors for added safety. With intuitive controls that make it easy to use and your choice of interchangeable blue or red face-plates, this scooter offers great value for your money that doesn’t compromise on quality nor style!
  4. Lightweight Aluminum Transport Chair: These economical transport chairs are the perfect addition to the lives of individuals who find it challenging to walk unassisted. Whether a loved one needs a transport chair to be tak
    en to the doctor’s office, on a trip to the mall or around the neighbourhood, our lightweight aluminum transport chairs offer unparalleled convenience. You can easily fold them and store them in the trunk of your car, a closet at home or even under a bed! Not only will your loved one benefit from this handy mobility aid but they’ll be able to choose among a selection of attractive colours to brighten up their winter (red, blue or black!).
  5. EmbraceAIRPlus Back Support: If you suffer from back or neck problems, the prospect of driving your car or sitting on a chair to do your work may present an ergonomic nightmare. In comes the Canadian-made EmbraceAIR Plus back support, allowing you to decide just how much support you need for your back. An internal air bolster can be positioned up or down to give you the proper level of lumbar support. Afterwards, squeeze the attached air bulb to inflate the cushion until you find the perfect position for your spine– you can modify the angle of your back up to 18 degrees! (Call 647-430-7176 for pricing and more info!)

Looking for other products or need more info about the devices we listed above? Visit or call us at 647-430-7176 today!

Roll into August with a brand-new Rollator!

There’s nothing like a clear-sky summer day to take a stroll around the neighbourhood or take a day-trip with days and family! For people who suffer from mobility impairments or who can easily tire, sometimes taking a few steps unasisted can put both their safety and physical well-being in jeopardy. Vital Mobility’s line of top-notch rollators can be of great assistance in helping those individuals navigate sidewalks, malls and even the halls of their own homes in dignity and comfort.

red drive nitro rollator
Drive Nitro Rollator

What’s the difference between a walker and a rollator (or rollator walker)?

Traditional aluminum walkers are foldable metallic frames– sometimes equipped with small wheels in the front legs or on all four legs–that aid a person who needs extra-support when moving around. In contrast, a rollator always comes equipped with four wheels, brakes, basket, a seat and back-rest. 

The above features make rollator walkers much for suitable for outdoors use than regular walkers. If the person finds herself tired during her walk, she has the option of putting on the breaks of the device and resting on its cushioned seat. The carry basket is a convenient place for individuals to store items they wish to bring along with them. Finally, larger wheels with tread will help you climb curves and manage uneven terrain with confidence.

Rollators to suit your style

As the popularity of rollator walkers has increased– particularly within the senior population– manufacturers have increased their emphasis on creating better and more functional devices that will also suit different people’s styles. Take Drive’s Nitro Rollator, for example. It is one of the first rollators to come with hidden brake cables, which helps achieve the device’s elegant styling and prevent tangling. As one of the most modern rollators in the market, the Nitro comes painted in red, white and black colours– perfect for individuals looking to break away from silver devices and make a statement!

Vital Mobility offers other rollators too, like the Nexus 3, the versatile Duet, and the Airgo Comfort Plus! Whether you’re looking for a to buy a rollator walker or are searching for rollators for rent in the GTA, we are here to help. With top-level expertise and great customer service, we’ll help you zone in on the ideal rollator for you! We will also aid you with ADP applications.

Break Out Your Sunglasses – Spring Is On Its Way!

Spring is coming – and with the changing of the seasons there comes the much-anticipated change in weather we’ve all been waiting for so long. This has been a brutal winter for everyone, but the nasty weather that’s done everything from knocking out power to freezing pipes to icing over roadways and sidewalks has been particularly hard on those whose mobility is already compromised. Walking outside, or trying to navigate the sidewalks of the city, is a difficult enough proposition when there’s just a little bit of snow and ice on the ground, or when the light starts to disappear earlier and earlier in the evening. But when you find yourself experiencing a serious mobility-limiting condition – whether it’s due to a chronic ailment like arthritis, an acute injury, or anything else – the prospect of getting around outside in the harsh winter weather can seem downright impossible.

At Vital Mobility, our mission is to provide the highest quality of life to every single one of our customers, no matter what their issues, and we are firm believers that a large portion of that quality of life comes from being able to go wherever you want and do whatever you please, to the fullest possible extent. In the wintertime, we do our best to help our customers navigate the difficult terrain outdoors, but often end up selling far more devices like lift chairs – things that help people stay comfortable when they’re relegated to staying inside and waiting out the winter.

Break out picAll of this is a major part of why we’re so happy that spring is finally here! There’s only so much we can do to help you get around in the winter, but once the sidewalks are safer, visibility is better, and the weather is actually pleasant, there’s nothing we love more than helping our customers to navigate the outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy what it’s like to be fully mobile again.

We sell a range of devices and equipment that are perfectly suited to anyone looking to make their springtime as exciting and fun-filled as possible. From rollators and standard walkers to can help you navigate difficult terrain, to knee walkers, crutches and canes that make the prospect of getting around far less daunting, to electric mobility scooters and wheelchairs for those who need some extra assistance, we have everything anyone with compromised mobility could need to get around outside in comfort and style.

When you buy your equipment from Vital Mobility, you can rest assured you’re dealing with professionals who have exceptional industry knowledge, as well as all of your needs and best interests at heart. We want nothing more than to see all of our customers out, enjoying their freedom and all the beauty and wonder that brand new spring weather can bring. By the time you’ve made your purchase, all you’ll have to be worried about is getting some sunscreen and a sweet new pair of sunglasses in preparation for the summer heat! Contact us today by phone or online and let us help you figure out exactly what you need to get out there and start enjoying the season.


Step Into Spring With The Right Rollator Walker!

The seasons are changing, slowly but surely – though we keep finding ourselves dipping back into wintery weather and cold temperatures, there are days when you can hear birds chirping outside, when the sun peeks its head out from behind the clouds, and when it’s nice enough to even consider going for a walk.

For people unaffected by mobility-related concerns, or limiting injuries and conditions, the process of stepping out into spring is a simple one – you just put on your shoes and go. Navigating the streets and sidewalks is a breeze, especially now that the snow is finally melting! But anyone who’s experienced the pain and frustration that limited mobility can cause knows that there’s much more to the spring season than meets the eye. If you’re already a bit wary of stepping out into the world, the change in the seasons doesn’t necessarily always seem so freeing. You’ve spent the whole winter stuck indoors, relying on others for help and rarely stepping out for fear of having to navigate the treacherous ice and snow, only to have spring bring with it a whole new set of problems.

There’s the leftover ice that’s still in the process of melting, the huge puddles of water and slush that accumulate along the roads and sidewalks, the gigantic pellets of ice that can make navigating even the simplest of roads difficult – not to mention the cracks that have formed in the concrete over the course of the winter. For someone with limited mobility – either due to an injury or a more chronic condition – all of this can be enough to make you want to stay inside until July. Navigating this kind of an urban landscape in the springtime can be difficult even if you’re using a walker – the standard kind aren’t too good on rough landscapes and terrain, which means that you have to wait until all the sidewalks in your neighbourhood are completely free and clear before you’re free to take a walk or run errands on your own.

That is, until you buy a rollator walker.


Rollators are similar to walkers in that they provide a stable framework and support for you as you navigate the streets at your own pace – but unlike a standard walker, they’re also built to handle the more rugged and unpredictable terrain that often comes along on city streets. At Vital Mobility we offer a wide range of rollator walkers ( to suit anyone’s particular needs, including lightweight and three-wheel models, but the gist of each is the same – a rugged walker that features a seat for rests and brakes for dealing with sudden obstacles, often featuring a basket to help make your errands or your day-to-day travels just that much easier. With a rollator walker, you don’t have to worry about the difficulties of navigating the city’s sometimes-difficult springtime terrain – you’re good to go wherever you want, whenever you feel like it. Don’t let yourself stay cooped up through the springtime – get outside, enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine that spring brings around, and feel the benefits of newfound freedom that a rollator walker can provide.