Accessible front porch solutions from Vital Mobility

Now that the weather is warming up, individuals who experience limited mobility will find it beneficial to spend more time outdoors– both for their physical and emotional well-being. However, for many, the mere act of leaving their home while seated on a wheelchair, power wheelchair or electric scooter can prove almost impossible if their front porches have steps leading down to the road.

The team at Vital Mobility works with families and individuals looking to find the perfect solution to make their homes’ front entries accessible. Two of the solutions we offer, and would like to explore today, are accessibility ramps and porch lifts.

Aluminum ramp

Accessibility ramps are generally made of durable aluminum and come in portable and fixed configurations. Portable aluminum ramps generally come in 2″ to 6″ lengths and are perfect for temporary use as they can be folded and carried in a pouch until your next destination. They are convenient for occasional use when leaving your home or traveling around. However, because of their non-permanent nature, they require a caregiver to set them up every time they must be relocated.

A ramp option that on the other hand, provides much independence to the user, is the fixed wheelchair ramp. These ramps can be custom-made to the size and shape of your front lawn. Perfect for wheelchair users or individuals who use a walker or rollator walker, fixed ramps are a great budget-friendly choice for many. They are usually built with handrails to ensure the safety of the user and to assist him or her in making their way up or down the ramp.

bruno porch liftIf you are short on front-lawn real estate but still require an accessible front entrance, you may want to consider the very practical porch lift. This free-standing, elevator-like device occupies minimal space and with the simple touch of a button, it can take you from street level to porch level in just a few seconds. Because of its mechanized nature, porch lifts are naturally a pricier option than setting up a ramp at home, but they are a preferred choice if a person doesn’t have the upper body strength and dexterity to navigate a built-in ramp. Also known as vertical platform lifts, these devices can also be installed inside your home or in your backyard ir order to help you access your deck.

Vital Mobility offers custom made accessibility ramps, Drive medical portable ramps and Bruno and Savaria porch lifts to help you make the best out of the warm weather season. Visit our website today to reach us and learn more!