The Invacare Colibri: A Travel Scooter to fit your personality

Comfort and safety are of the highest importance when considering the purchase of a mobility scooter for yourself or a loved one. But more and more, the team at Vital Mobility hears from customers who are also looking for style– after all, a mobility device is a product you will possibly use on a daily basis and in many different scenarios. Invacare’s Colibri four wheel travel scooter is an excellent choice for those individuals– as it offers top features at great value with an exciting selection of colour choices. five colours to choose from for invacare colibri scooter

Vital Mobility’s mobility scooter store Toronto is currently offering the Colibri with 18 AH batteries– meaning that this travel scooter has a class leading range of 16 kilometres at a top speed of 8 km/h. This makes it a highly versatile device that is just as great for use around your neighbourhood or to take with you on a plane or car during any getaways you may have planned.

Portability is key to this scooter. It’s patented LiteLock technology allows you to assemble or disassemble the scooter into five, light parts in only seconds. Once apart, the device will easily fit into the trunk of any car or any closet where you might seek to store it at home.

disassembled invacare colibriIn addition, unlike many small scooters in the market, the Colibri is highly customizable. The scooter’s charger port allows you to easily program a desired speed, acceleration, alarms and braking sensitivity in order to achieve an optimal driving experience. How this scooter looks, is also up to you as it comes equipped with five interchangeable, easy-to-install sets of colour plates in green, orange, white, blue and red.

Not only does the Invacare Colibri offer the latest in technology, but it delivers top-notch comfort features. Its swivel driver seat is padded in luxurious yet easy to clean vinyl and is decorated by durable, accent stitching. Its arms can be easily adjusted at the angle and width of your preference. Plus, you can achieve the perfect driving posture thanks to the scooter’s adjustable, three-position tiller, generous leg room and delta steering handle.

We are proud to welcome the newest member of our travel scooter family– an excellent compromise between quality, features and budget that is surely to please customers looking for compact mobility solution. Visit Vital Mobility to learn more about the Colibri Mobility Scooter, features and pricing or call our customer service experts today!




The PrimeCare Hi/Low Ultimate Bariatric Bed: Versatility at its best

If you or a loved one require mobility devices or home care products in the bariatric category (for individuals weighing approximately 300lbs or more), you will probably learn that these devices are in much shorter supply than regular-sized products.

prime care bed bariatric hi-lowThat is why, bariatric beds can also be extremely pricey compared to regular-size home hospital beds– meaning that some people will sacrifice proper support and space in order to opt for a more affordable option. If they make that choice, individuals weighing over 300 lbs will very likely find it a challenge to get comfortable on a regular, 36×80″ home hospital bed. Not only can those beds lack sufficient support for them, but they may prove to be too narrow for the person to find an optimal sleeping position.

The team at Vital Mobility’s number one priority is to pair our customers with the very best devices we can, at the most reasonable prices in the market. That is why we are proud to offer the PrimaCare Hi/Low Ultimate Bariatric Bed by Drive Medical— a home care bed that strikes the perfect balance between versatile features and price.


The bed itself has a weight capacity of 500lbs, and its sizing is highly expandable. It’s standard, 76″ length can be expanded to up to 84″. However, its most remarkable feature, is the bed’s ability to expand width-wise– from the regular sized 35″ to a more generous 42″. That feature can make all the difference in the world to a person looking for a little bit more elbow-room.

Care staff also benefit from the added width of the bed as it offers a great surface for carrying out caregiving duties or safely repositioning the patient.

Additionally, a taller and heavier patient can find great comfort in the bed’s large range of vertical motion. The bed achieves a super low height of 7″ from the floor and can reach a high, 30 1/2″ working height.

For added versatility, this home care bed comes with a Staff Control Option at the footboard which enables the bed’s Cardiac Chair and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg capabilities — ideal for rehab and institutional care as it aids in circulation and breathing.

All these features, set up on reliable and sturdy steel construction, make for a bed that can cater to all your needs for years to come. To explore the PrimaCare Hi/Low Ultimate Bariatric Bed and obtain pricing, please visit Vital today!

The Portable Hoyer Advance: Hassle-free patient transfers

hoyer advance patient liftTransporting a mobility-impaired patient from a resting surface onto a wheelchair, commode or any other assistive device can prove very challenging for the caregiver. The risk of injury is high– like slips, falls or severe muscular strain– for both parties involved. For decades now, patient lifts have been an excellent choice for individuals looking to simplify this experience. Just like a small crane would, the patient lift (either hydraulic or battery operated) will help you lift the patient from one surface, and roll them onto another spot where they can be safely lowered. 

Patient lifts (otherwise known as Hoyer lifts) are very practical. However, the can be bulky– especially when a person is being cared for in a home setting. That is where customers and their families will find many benefits in the Hoyer Advance patient lift. 

Range of motion: The Hoyer Advance does what many patient lifts cannot– it’s boom portion can go down all the way to the floor. So whether the person who needs to be transferred is resting on a floor-mat during rehab exercises or needs to be brought back to a high, home care bed, this patient lift can handle it all.

folded hoyer advanceEasy storage: As mentioned earlier, patient lifts take up a lot of physical space. What it you could fold and store your Hoyer lift inside a closet or under a bed when not in storage? What if you needed to go on vacation and decided you wanted your lift to travel with you? The Advance’s compact design allows caregivers to fold it into a compact shape with no need for tools.

Smooth maneuvering: The Hoyer Advance comes equipped with a push pad that takes the effort and drag away from having to initiate the movement required to move the lift forward.

Tapered legs: This unique design feature allows caregivers to help the patient lift clear wide obstacles easily during transfer. Its tapered lefts help you past bulky lift chairs or bathroom safety accessories with no trouble whatsoever. Plus, the ability to move the lift into a wider stance guarantees increased stability when the transfer operation is being carried out.

Vital Mobility is proud to retail both the hydraulic and battery operated versions of the Hoyer Advance Patient Lift. Along with offering a large selection of Hoyer-brand slings, our team will be happy to guide you in the process of selecting the perfect device for your needs. Visit today.




The shower commode: Hybrid bathroom safety product offers ultimate convenience

Individuals who live with a severe mobility impairment and their caregivers, often benefit from the use of commodes—as these wheelchair-like devices can be used for transportation inside the home and to carry out toileting activities.

Commodes come in wheeled and non-wheeled configurations. Whereas some offer only a toilet-like seat with a bucket, others also offer a cushioned lid that helps the commode double as a transport chair. These devices are clearly convenient options for many patients. However, because most commodes are constructed in steel and aluminum—they are not suitable for use in the shower.

drive medical shower commodeWhat does that mean for the individual using a regular commode? During shower-time, their caregivers will have to find a way to transfer the person from the commode to either a shower chair or bath lift—this requires significant physical strength and skill. In a case like this, considering the purchase of a shower commode will bring both convenience and safety into your home.

Shower commodes are usually constructed in aluminum—just like many regular commodes- but, they are painted in a protective powdered coating that is completely waterproof. That way, when you roll your commode into the shower, you will not have to worry about possible rusting and damage to its metallic structure. The backrest and seat surfaces of the shower commode are made from durable plastic, which makes cleaning and disinfecting the device extremely easy.

Shower commodes come in a wheelchair configuration featuring two larger rear wheels to allow the patient to propel themselves in and out of the shower. They are also available in a transfer model with four small casters – ideal for a person lacking the physical strength or dexterity to use a regular wheelchair.

Additionally, people who live with a more advanced degree of disability, will benefit from tilting features. A tilting shower commode will be the perfect choice and a natural transition for a person who already uses an advanced, tilt wheelchair.

Vital Mobility features a large selection of shower commodes on its website—sourced from North America’s highest quality suppliers. Visit our website or call our store today at 647-430-7176 to explore if a shower commode could be a great option for you.