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Physiotherapy, chiropractic and rehabilitation practices in general are busy with large volumes of patients. That is why, clinic administrators often try to partner up with suppliers who will expedite and ease their process of buying the supplies and products they need—both in order to run their clinics and to help their patients. Vital Mobility is one such supplier; a one-stop shop for home healthcare products, assistive devices and physio supplies—from wheelchairs, home hospital beds and walkers to tens units, heat pads and support cushions, we cover the entire range of products.vm logo

Our company thrives on customer service excellence, meaning that we strive to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Does one of your client need a selection of bathroom safety products next morning? Our dedicated team is committed to getting you the products that you need when and where you need them.

We are also well aware that rehab businesses aren’t just looking for responsiveness and quality—but they also seek to get the best bang for their buck when it comes to purchasing supplies. Vital Mobility’s excellent working relationship with North America’s largest and most recognized medical products manufacturers ensures that you will receive excellent pricing time and time again. Our clinic experts will work with you to source the very best products that will fit your budget.

Picking a supplier that offers a headache-free experience is never easy—but our company is committed to getting you and your clinic as close to that standard as possible. Visit or call 647-430-7176 and ask for our physio liaison to learn what our service and product offerings can do for you and your business.

Lift Chair Rentals in Toronto and the GTA- 5 things to look for when working with an online supplier

The comfort that a lift chair rental can bring to your recovery process and daily well being, especially during the winter months, is almost unparalleled. If you have undergone spinal surgery or abdominal surgery, if you recently experienced a hip or knee replacement, or if you have trouble sleeping in a fully lay-down position and have no room for a hospital bed, a lift chair rental Toronto might be right for you. 

At Vital Mobility we retail and rent lift chairs. Here are five tips that will help you make you or a loved one make a great rental decision that will add significant quality of life to your everyday.

prideliftchair1- Look for Value for your Money: When you opt for a rental program, because you are almost certain that you will only need the recliner lift chair for a limited amount of time, you want to make sure that you’ll be getting the very best product you can for the weekly or monthly rental price that you’re quoted. For example, Vital Mobility makes sure that the chairs we carry in our rental program are either fully featured two-position chairs or infinite position lift chairs. Whereas two-positions will be ideal for a person who needs to go as far back as a “napping position”– around a 150 degree recline, infinite positions (which function with two independent motors instead) will allow you to lean back into a 180 degree incline or zero gravity position– making them ideal for extended sleep.

2- Maintenance is Key: As is the case with any rental program in Toronto, and as we mentioned before especially during the winter, our lift chairs are often in heavy rotation. Before renting one of these medical devices, make sure that your supplier how well maintained the lift chairs are. Do they exchange the upholstery in case of any messes? Are the motors in great functioning order and the remotes replaced regularly in order to ensure maximum functionality?

3- Delivery Options: Our lift chairs for rent can easily fit into the back of a pick-up truck or large SUV. But if you do not count with the manpower to pick up the device from our location, we highly recommend that you consider hiring our white-glove delivery service. Our team of expert technicians will bring the lift chair right to your door– whether you’re living at home, at a retirement community or at a recovery facility– and we’ll set it up for you to use. Once your rental period has ended, our team will return to pick up the chair.

4- Your responsibility, and ours: When you rent a device from Vital Mobility Home Healthcare, you can rest assured that if anything goes wrong with your lift chair– and the damage wasn’t caused by misuse or abuse of the device– our technical team will pay you a free visit, within 24 hours, to make sure that the product is quickly returned to perfect working order or exchanged. Your satisfaction is our priority.

5- Quick access to your products: Vital Mobility carries dozens of reclining lift chairs in its extensive rentals program. We know how these devices are making a difference in your lives and want to be your number one source for high quality, quick rentals. Call us today at 647-430-7176 or make your reservation at for quick turnaround– we often deliver within 24 hours!


A new year, a new (and more mobile) you!

When faced with challenging situations– such as finding ourselves unable to move around the way we once used to– it is natural to lack motivation and struggle to settle into our new realities. But as a new year begins and resolutions are made, we are reminded that there is hope out there for all of us and that there are many ways to regain the independence we once relied on. The dedicated team at Vital Mobility can be your partner in discovering your options and navigating the world of mobility in an informed and flexible manner.

vital mobility parners in recovery

Think of a wheelchair for example. You may be considering purchasing a brand new device. However, within the realm of wheelchairs, there are hundreds– if not thousands– of options available. They include basic foldable wheelchairs, wheelchairs with additional cushioning for extended use, ultra-light wheelchairs made out of alumimum or carbon fiber, and tilting wheelchairs. Our experts can work with your therapists and doctors in identifying the perfect wheelchair for your budget. We will also guide you in obtaining the government funding necessary (e.g: ADP) to ease the financial burden that a complex wheelchair can present for you and your loved ones.

Home hospital beds is another product category that many of us eventually end up having to purchase for ourselves or a family member. The selection of such devices grows daily — from basic, utilitarian beds that will keep you safe and comfortable to luxurious beds that match your home decor and are packed with added features to make your life and that of your caregiver easier. Vital Mobility is proud to carry the whole range, meaning that we offer beds that are suitable for every budget. Plus, unlike many of our industry colleagues, we carry a wide selection of home hospital beds in our showroom– meaning that instead of buying from a catalogue, you’ll have a chance to test-drive these beds before making an important purchasing decision.

These are just a few examples of how we strive to serve our customers in the path to a better quality of life or a prompt recovery. To make your buying experience even easier, we also offer one of the most comprehensive device rental programs in the province of Ontario. Whether you are looking to try out a new home hospital bed or to rent a wheelchair Toronto, we deliver rental products in excellent condition– quickly and at very competitive rental rates.

Visit today for locations and contact information. We look forward to serving you this 2016!