Enjoy your bathtub again with Vital Mobility’s bath lifts!

Most individuals who experience a degree of mobility impairment, often choose to modify their bathrooms to accommodate a large shower. That is a great solution for people looking to bathe while sitting on a mobility device like a wheelchair or commode, for example. However, individuals who can access their bathtub and who can benefit from the soothing and therapeutic qualities of warm water, will find the bath lift an excellent option for their home!

Bath lifts assist in immersing the individual into the bathtub and helping them exit it when they finish bathing. Take the Bellavita bath lift by Drive Medical, for example. As the lightest bath lift in the market (only 20.5 lbs) it is easy to store when not in use. An individual can take a sit on the chair-like surface when it is all the way up at just over 18″ and at the touch of a button, lower the lift all the way down to an industry record of 2.3 inches. That puts you almost at the same level as the bottom of your bathtub!

For added comfort, beyond lowering the individual, the bath lift reclines about 50 degrees backwards. This creates a comfortable position for the user to relax on the bath lift’s padded seat, backrest and optional headrest while maintaining them safely above the water level.

It is easy to control the bath lift. It’s waterproof remote control is built to float in the water– always keeping it at arms length for the user. Set up is a breeze as no tools are required and the bath lift’s quick-charge lithium battery always ensures functionality when you most need it.

The Bellavita Bath Lift is among many of the solutions that the team at Vital Mobility can help you find if you are looking to make your bathroom safer and more accessible. Call us today at 647-430-7176 to find out more about this life-changing device and set up quick delivery for you or a loved one!

A Guide to Wheelchair Types – Assistive Devices Program Ontario

If you or someone you love are in the process of acquiring a wheelchair, you might have heard discussions among your doctors and therapists about which type of wheelchair you require. Wheelchairs in Canada range between Category 1 and Category 5– depending on the user’s needs and degree of mobility.

We compiled a quick and handy list for you to access, with the category requirements according to ADP (Assistive Devices Program).

Category 1 Wheelchairs: These chairs are for users who will use their wheelchair occasionally. The Standard chairs in this category weight more than 38 lbs and are often made of steel. They include accessories such as removable arms (to facilitate transfer and help near your chair to a counter-like surface) and swing away or elevating footrests. Vital Mobility retails top-quality Standard Wheelchairs– we also carry these devices in our extensive wheelchair rental program.

viper gt drive medical wheelchair type 2

Category 2 Wheelchairs: Similar to Category 1 wheelchairs, the one big difference with them is their weight. Category 2 wheelchairs are lightweight. Lightweight wheelchairs are in the 25-38 lb range and are often made of combinations of aluminum and carbon fibre. Suitable for more active wheelchair users, Category 2 wheelchairs include swingaway or elevating footrests and convenient removable arms.

Category 3 Wheelchairs:  The level of customization for your wheelchair increases significantly when you require a category 3 wheelchair. Just like Category 2s, these wheelchairs are lightweight at 25-38 lbs and come equipped with removable armrests and footrests. But because these wheelchairs are built for very active users, they also feature anti-tippers to prevent falls, an adjustable centre of gravity which is crucial in maximizing your chair’s performance and quick release axles allowing for quick and tool-free removal of the wheels.

Category 4 Wheelchairs: These wheelchairs are equipped with the same features as Category 3 wheelchairs. However, they are made in ultra-light materials (weighing less than 25 lbs) like aluminum and titanium. The most popular type of Category 4 wheelchairs is the rigid type. They are not foldable in order to minimize the use of nuts, bolts and other components that often needed to fold a chair and that weigh down the device.quickie iris tilting wheelchair type 5 wheelchair

Category 5 Wheelchairs: They’re also known as Manual Dynamic Tilt wheelchairs and are most suitable for individuals who require the tilting feature on the seat frame because they are unable to shift their body weight. Category 5 wheelchairs do not fold and feature swing-away footrests, quick release axles for easy servicing and transport, anti-tippers and adjustable-height arms that can be removed.

Many of these chairs, for first-time users, are partially covered by the government’s ADP program. Vital Mobility works with you, your family and physical or occupational therapists to complete that application and get you on the road to finding the right wheelchair for you in a timely and responsive manner.